Cello tape Master

I was at the summer fest at TL and during an activity, once I explained the steps to the kids we realized that we had only 1 cellotape and about 28 kids. Oh boy, I had to cut small strips and keep them ready for the children.

I realized a few very important things that day about the universe

  • You got to open your mouth and ask for something. Though the universe knows you and knows that your supply is finished and should be giving it to you, it might not have the time. So never stop praying. Don’t underestimate the power of asking.
  • The universe knows who needs it the most and which kids will make the best use of what. I was slightly partial to the kids whom I know are very neat with their work and have lots of potential in them. I gave them longer strips of the cello tape as compared to the kids who are doing it for the sake of doing it or not ….
  • Also, one more learning related to the above exp, don’t be disheartened if you receive a small strip. Think about it, question yourself the reason for a small strip and you will understand what and where you lack.
  • The universe knows who is cheating or who is not utilizing the resources properly and will ensure that the person receives the tape at the last. I reprimanded the kids who didn’t stick it properly or used too much of it.
  • The universe ensures that people who give it to others get bigger pieces. I have a few kids who help their siblings or smaller kids who need help. I ensured that I gave them the biggest peace so they could help others.
  • The universe can also get disappointed. I know a few kids past 4-5 years now. They used to be obedient and patient. With time and/or bad company they have changed. I gave them the tape last.
  • The universe could get annoyed if you constantly ask and are impatient. I made sure that I imbibe values like patience so I told them to sit patiently and gave them at last for the first few times, when i saw that they had learnt it, I started giving them tapes promptly.


What a barter.

As most of u know, I am a part of Smart Potato summer camp. Yesterday was my first day and it was exhausting to the hilt. I actually slept like the dead on returning home.

Anyway, I cld crib on how tired i get forever, but the result i got for it in the end makes it worthwile.

Yesterday, there is this 4 yr old kid who kept coming in my area from his class to say hi. It got really funny after 2-3 times as the kid looked awesomely naughty but in a cute way. When i went to his class after the camp got over he came running and said hi. This time i sat down and asked him his name. He said something that i didn’t understand so i told him that i didn’t understand and asked him to repeat it… that imp kissed on my cheek and ran away. 😛 but i settled and liked this barter better. 😛

Today, this 10 yr old kid from my camp kissed me on my cheek while going back home…..and i am still on top of the world.

Life’s good 🙂

Worth million bucks.

I was in the train recently and…there was this old lady, and there was this naughty 3 yr old.

The 3 yr old went to the 60 yr old. The 60 yr old wanted to amuse him. She caught his hand and played a game where u know u make a fist by closing one finger and then run your hands to tickle.

The lady did that but the kid didn’t know what to do. HE didn’t get tickled. 🙂 When the lady tried to tickle…the kid just stared.

The look on the lady’s face was worth million bucks. This time, the lady didn’t know what to do 😛

Children cry differently

Have you ever heard a child cry? Say a kid around the age of 3 to 5.
I was walking home from station and found a kid on the footpath slum just crying. He was okaly dressed and seemed like any other 3 or 4 year old boy.

He was simply crying. I don’t know why. Was it for attention? I think so but I don’t know for sure. Did he know the reasons himself? I don’t know that either.
Did he care about the sound he was making? I guess not. I realized, that when I cry, I try to muffle the noise I make, as I don’t want people around me to notice, but this kid was simply crying. Crying aloud… Crying like an ambulance actually.
The other day, I saw Raju Shrivastav’s show, where he said kids from poor family get up in the morning and cry for no reason. They just get up and cry, scratch themselves and cry. I know this doesn’t sound funny when I am writing this, but the way Raju said and enacted it, I had to throw my head back and laugh.

Though watching this kid cry wasn’t funny at all.

It’s interesting. We tell kids not to lie, not to cheat, not to take credit for what the others have done, help others, share the burden, blah blah blah
When the same kid enters a corporate, he is expected to lie cheat and the likes… and the same adults go back home and teach their kids the very opposite. Why do we do this? If corp requires one to cheat, then y not let the kid practice it when he is young?

Kids can dance on the road, and not feel embarrassed about it, but if an adult does the same, he will be locked up in thane mental hospital before he knew what struck him. Y don’t people remain like kids when they grow old. why can’t they be angry at each other for one minute and then go back playing the other?
Why is growing up so gloried? what is growing up actually? What is the benefit? Where is the benefit?

(If u want answers, i don’t have any
If u want questions, i have many)