If you want to die – It should be grand.

One of my friend’s dad was recently diagnosed with malaria. To think about it, it such a sad way to lose life. One insect? Science has made such marvelous discoveries, but it can’t tackle mosquitoes?

Dying is such a huge thing..it is such a big transformation…all because of an insect? no!

on one hand, yes, one must consider the fact that something as tiny as a mosquito can cause so much harm but i feel so disturbed thinking that a mosquito can end my life. what amazes me is to think about it spiritually, this could be the divine plan…maybe in front of HIM we are all the same. no one is big or small…but anyway guys, take care this monsoon. BE healthy, Be Safe.

Move on…

I am not a very patient person. There are movies or sitcoms that I download. Good thing about sitcoms is that there are 24 different files that download one after another. So if around 50% is done…one can start viewing the first 2-3 sitcoms easily without there being much of a technical glitch. The glitch mostly is that the video stops but the sound keeps running or vice versa.
Like I said, I am very impatient. As the download reaches 60, I start checking if there is something I can watch… mostly there is or I wouldn’t think about the thought I did. 😛
Sometimes there is a minor glitch where in it plays wonderfully for 15 minutes and then it stops, while experimenting, I realized that one just needs to forward a little, say by 30 seconds and it starts playing again… Life too should be lived like this. Bad patches come…technical glitches may come…move on and start living again.

Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living right now. – Paulo Coelho