Can it go any faster?

I have mostly been very calm even when the trains are late or running slowly till recently.

I normally don’t have had people waiting for me, so even if the trains are running late or slowly, I am busy with my life and its mostly always ok. I have never been able to understand people who would make sounds like tch when the trains were late. The tch isn’t going to make the train run any faster and it is waste of time. I rather be reading or ….

Recently, I knew there was someone waiting for me. The train was running slow and late. By God did I wish that the train could become faster 🙂 Now, I understand. If you have a loved one waiting for you somewhere, U wish the trains would run on time 😛

Observing the Observer

With God’s grace, I don’t have to travel in the local train. So, whenever I do, I enjoy the loud noise, the crowd, the rude vendors, the fights along with the bad words, the sudden blackout that happens at andheri, fast train becoming slow and a list of other things.  I like to watch peoples reaction. The way they show their distress. The way they keep themselves amused. It is all fun for me.

Recently, I was looking at this small kid who was busy looking outside the window. The train has stopped somewhere for the past 5-6 minutes and everyone was getting restless. I wondered what was so interesting and I realized that she was counting the floors of this super tall building. She would forget where she was and start again. It was so cute to watch her like this. I think I was smiling, I don’t know the reaction of my face but it must be worth watching because I saw some lady pointing to her friend to look at this crazy lady(me) when the whole train is trying to figure out the reason for the train to stop. I realized that I don’t just watch other people, I also react and these reactions could be worth watching 😛