Game our maid plays.

Our maid makes us play a game every day. She is very kind and ensures that we don’t stop using our brains. We are pretty sure that she does this on purpose as my mom has told her a couple of times to not do it. She smiles in return and continues doing it.

The game is called “Hide the tumbler”

Every morning,  she hides the tumbler.  The tumbler is either in one of the buckets which is covered by wet clothes or another bucket…or under the stool or sometimes just outside the bathroom. She likes to keep it simple at times to challenge us and also remind us that simplicity has its own charm and we should not try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in the first place.

If anyone who uses the bathroom after she is done washing the clothes is the lucky chosen one for the game. We get to practice control and anger management and problem solving at the same time.

How lucky na?