Meditation is like flossing.

Some years back, home in Mumbai, I was watching a movie and saw someone floss in it. I had never heard of this concept before. I asked Google baba and understood the theory behind it. I liked it but didn’t find it easily at my local kiranawala and let it be. The thought would come but I never acted upon it.


Source : Osho comics.

When we moved to USA, and went for our first dental cleaning, the doctor told us to floss. It triggered a memory and I told her to teach it to us and she did. On the weekend, we bought floss and tried it. We really liked it. I loved it actually as it felt like I had just had a cleaning done. But, as it happens sometimes, I didn’t do it regularly as it was a new activity that took time and effort. I felt pain in a molar and to prevent cavity, I started flossing everyday. Soon, it became a habit and if I go a day without it, I feel so weird and something feels amiss.

Now, for those who practice meditation everyday, will surely connect to what I have written.

For those who are different stages of …. Practicing it might hopefully find themselves here too.

On the occasion of International yoga day today, I sincerely urge everyone who is reading to at least try it. Even if it is just for a minute. You can find details here.

Once a day

My new mom (mother-in-law) told me to switch off the gas as the milk would come to boil. I realized one thing that day. She milks the cow every 2 or 3 days or as and when the 2 or 2.5ltr that she had milked comes to an end which was frequent as I have a habit of drinking milk before sleeping. Anyway, coming to the point, I realized that she boils the milk once a day and keeps it in the cupboard. The milk doesn’t spoil. When I understood this a silly thought ran across in me. If we meditate daily we might not spoil ourselves and remain fresh too. 🙂

Wash your hair :)

I recently decided to trim my hair. From my last experience of haircut I remember the lady scolding me about tying my hair after the wash as it gives it unnecessary curls which don’t help the trimming process. This time, I was careful to leave it open after the wash till i met her. She was happy. 🙂

Meditation too is like this. No matter how untangled ur life may get, meditation wipes everything. Few strong impressions remain like in the case of curls too. When u meditate, U join the universe to be free of everything and start fresh and straight.


The most beautiful music in the world is ur own heart beat. It gives an assurance that u will survive even when the whole world leaves u alone!!! :)

Wish come true

Have you ever wished for something and forgotten about it…then the thing happens, it scares you but once u calm yourself, realize that you actually got a wish come true?

Too much? Hahahaha

Read on…

I was meditating on my terrace early morning and I felt someone touch me on my left thigh. I opened my eyes to see a squirrel staring at me. I got scared and obviously that scared the little fella and it ran away. Iske baad kya meditation hota? I still tried for 5 mins but decided to chuck it and went back down stairs. On my way back I realized that I wanted this to happen.

I was and still am in awe of rishi muni’s who get so lost that the surrounding birds and animal’s think of them as statues and come close to them. For some reason, I always wanted it to happen to me. It did today. Just that I got scared and scared the poor thing. : ( I feel so silly now.

Wishes come true though : )