The beauty of getting a greeting card.

When I was small, I liked getting and collecting greeting cards. It reduced as I left college and started working. I never paid much attention to them unless I would clean and organise my table drawers and when I did, I would read them all and relive the memories.


Then, I got married and left them all in my mother’s house. There is also a sort of maturity you get as you marry and …. As relations fade, the cards lost their importance somewhere.

Now, after Satyen has come, I have got a few cards again. The messages feel sooo special and I feel lovely. I can’t wait to give them to him for him to read. I prepared a mail id for him. In case you want to mail him, please do at Satyen.pal31 at gmail

No matter how silly it feels, There is something beautiful about getting a greeting card. It is a physical memory that you can see touch and also feel.

I hope you get a lot of them to store and cherish.



Random conversation – 2

I was coming back from a graphology session, I was in a state what I call is my cleaning state after the session, where i am in my own world trying to figure out why i met these people and what is my learning and how do I learn, move on and not let anything affect me when this lady said something to me.
I was so dazed, that I thought she had come for an analysis session and I was about to tell her to contact the desk for appointment when i realized that i was standing at the station 😛
I told her to ask me again and she did. She asked me if the virar train would stop at borivali. I told her yes. and the teacher in me got up and told her how the indicator worked. It mentioned which stations the train would not be halting at. She looked at it and then asked me if I found it silly. I said I completely agreed with her. She cribbed about how everyone just says stuff and never does anything about it to which my manners eluded me for the minute and I smiled at her and asked “Like how we are doing it now” She giggled and told me that this was her first experience of virar train. I wished her luck and when the train came, I actually saw her make a stern face … probably reflecting her desire to get in the train no matter what. We both got in easily and she ended up standing almost at the other end of the compartment. We couldn’t talk but when we looked at each other, I asked her how she felt and she showed me a thumbs up. 😛 I absolutely loved her innocence and determination…she reminds me of me when I had started traveling.
I love these random encounters.

Memory is interesting

Memory is such an amazing thing. It varies with different people. Some have an amazing memory. I know a few people who can remember what color dress I was wearing at what occasion. There are a few who forget if they have had dinner.  😛  Seriously!

On my first day of BMS, we had a lecture on improving presentation skills. He also said something about memory. I don’t remember the name of the person, but he said that “You never forget things that you really really want to do, atleast 95% of the times” It comes as a slight shock but if you are honest with yourself you will realise that it is true.  🙂 Freud too says that there is no such thing as a slip of tongue. This is for a different post.

Anyway, I think my memory is pretty sharp. I remember some instances from childhood as well. Ok coming to the point where I was saying that memory is interesting. I downloaded a season of MAD ABOUT YOU to watch. I was so glad that I couldn’t remember most of the stuff. I had forgotten how funny it used to be. I laughed myself silly to tears and enjoyed every moment of having a selective bad memory. Life is a roller coaster…you gotta ride it 🙂