Hangover ?

I have recently realized that … we can hang on to the feeling of anger or sadness even though we sometimes and quite funnily forget the cause behind it. Can it be same with love? We love somebody without remembering the reason why… Does loving someone need a reason to remember… or a reason at all?

Why do we want to stay with pain or whatever emotion even after we forget the reason… or sometimes don’t know the reason at all… Must be our EGO..though having a minimal ego is not a completely bad thing at all…Could there be another reason?


Mom told me to get nimboo while coming back home. my analysis session lasted for about 90 mins and then on way back i started singing this song – nimbooda nimbooda nimbooda and smiled thinking that how the human mind is… it always finds a song to sing…

I crossed the bhajiwala singing this song and forgot to buy the nimboo but came home singing nimbooda nimbooda nimbooda

I am really amazed at how the human mind works

Memory is interesting

Memory is such an amazing thing. It varies with different people. Some have an amazing memory. I know a few people who can remember what color dress I was wearing at what occasion. There are a few who forget if they have had dinner.  😛  Seriously!

On my first day of BMS, we had a lecture on improving presentation skills. He also said something about memory. I don’t remember the name of the person, but he said that “You never forget things that you really really want to do, atleast 95% of the times” It comes as a slight shock but if you are honest with yourself you will realise that it is true.  🙂 Freud too says that there is no such thing as a slip of tongue. This is for a different post.

Anyway, I think my memory is pretty sharp. I remember some instances from childhood as well. Ok coming to the point where I was saying that memory is interesting. I downloaded a season of MAD ABOUT YOU to watch. I was so glad that I couldn’t remember most of the stuff. I had forgotten how funny it used to be. I laughed myself silly to tears and enjoyed every moment of having a selective bad memory. Life is a roller coaster…you gotta ride it 🙂