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Posted 01-04-2009 at 10:33 PM by sunayna

One of my good friends asked me about my favorite colour. I quickly said Pink. Too quickly, Perhaps! Pink, or to be specific, Pastel pink and please note, never baby pink used to be my most favoritest color. There was a friend in college who was so bugged after knowing this that he would tease me for hours about it. If I walked with him, he would make sure that he would point everything in pink and I would beat him.

I don’t know how I grew out of this fascination with the colour pink… but I thought I had. I don’t really have pink in my wardrobe. Nor do I have a pink bag or a pink bottle or a pink … anything. I think the object’s characteristics determine which colour it will look good in. So, I thought that I was no longer fascinated with pink. But maybe women never do.
I cant think of anything to comment…

any yeah.. i did not understand your last line..

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I cant think of anything to comment…

That is a comment in itself

any yeah.. i did not understand your last line..

wt i mean is tht girls are fascinated with pink…but i assumed tht when they frow up, the fascination wld fade.
probly it doesn’t

Children cry differently

Have you ever heard a child cry? Say a kid around the age of 3 to 5.
I was walking home from station and found a kid on the footpath slum just crying. He was okaly dressed and seemed like any other 3 or 4 year old boy.

He was simply crying. I don’t know why. Was it for attention? I think so but I don’t know for sure. Did he know the reasons himself? I don’t know that either.
Did he care about the sound he was making? I guess not. I realized, that when I cry, I try to muffle the noise I make, as I don’t want people around me to notice, but this kid was simply crying. Crying aloud… Crying like an ambulance actually.
The other day, I saw Raju Shrivastav’s show, where he said kids from poor family get up in the morning and cry for no reason. They just get up and cry, scratch themselves and cry. I know this doesn’t sound funny when I am writing this, but the way Raju said and enacted it, I had to throw my head back and laugh.

Though watching this kid cry wasn’t funny at all.

It’s interesting. We tell kids not to lie, not to cheat, not to take credit for what the others have done, help others, share the burden, blah blah blah
When the same kid enters a corporate, he is expected to lie cheat and the likes… and the same adults go back home and teach their kids the very opposite. Why do we do this? If corp requires one to cheat, then y not let the kid practice it when he is young?

Kids can dance on the road, and not feel embarrassed about it, but if an adult does the same, he will be locked up in thane mental hospital before he knew what struck him. Y don’t people remain like kids when they grow old. why can’t they be angry at each other for one minute and then go back playing the other?
Why is growing up so gloried? what is growing up actually? What is the benefit? Where is the benefit?

(If u want answers, i don’t have any
If u want questions, i have many)