Absolutely, anything can happen – Part 3

If you have have some long cherished principles or if u r super stubborn, this video is for you. This video will surely amaze you and make you smile. I don’t know if gimmicks can make something like this possible but I can assure you that there are no gimmicks used. This tap is gonna stay like this for a few more days till we get hold of a plumber who can help us fix this. You are free to come over and have a look at this tap. IT is absolutely amazing and makes u question a lot of things if u forget the mechanics part of it and think about it.

So this goes out to all you stubborn, non believers… Have a look, and start questioning and introspecting. –Ā http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150343608626722

Keep Smilng šŸ™‚


Random Observation

Random observation…

I normally light an incense stick in my balcony. I used to keep it at the window sill. Everything is ok but the ashes fall in the sills and mom labors to clean it on the weekend. One more problem was that due to some scientific explanation of air flow and Einstein might know why the smoke keeps flowing outside.

Since i had to do something about the ashes, i changed the window which i would attkao it from the one closest to me to the one which is closest to the grill and i made it point outside. This way 90% of the ashes are outside and mom won’t have to worry about the sill getting dirty.

One more interesting thing happened. the smoke started blowing in. Life is good.


Experience something close to a miracle – 2

After experiencing the light bulb miracle, I found one other way to experience a miracle.

I was listening to the radio, and then I moved to the balcony…after trying a few combination’s I found the spot where the radio would work well but as soon as I took my hand off, it went to the zzz mode. I went to pick it up to change the position and it became perfect again. Removed the hand and it went away again.

My hand making the radio work…. šŸ˜› Feels like a miracle. and feels good. šŸ˜€

I don’t know an easier way to do this again though so u will have to try some angles before u can do this.

Miracle could also be Universe’s way of correcting a goof up

Was just wondering how or why would Universe perform a miracle…if everything is carefully planned and organised and there is not supposed to be any chaos, then y would there be a miracle?

hold on…i have an answer too.. šŸ™‚

Miracle could be when the universe goof’s up…Meaning, something is supposed to happen, but due to a goof up, it doesn’t happen and human sees it before the universe has time to do something about it. but it has to change…hence a miracle. Possible?

Experience something close to a miracle

Have u ever had a loose light bulb in your house? U know where u have to adjust it after switching the light for it to actually light.

We have one in our bathroom. It works pretty fine most of the times…but there are these amazing times when it doesn’t light even after being switched ON. U have to lift the holder slightly and it lights. it feels so magical. u feel as if u have made it light.

It is like doing a miracle.

I have told my dad not to repair it, because it always makes me smile..I am smiling while writing the post and i hope u too are smiling and i hope uĀ  loosen your light bulb a little too šŸ˜›