U can’t give enough – Happy birthday MOM

Among other things, my mom has taught me to always buy gifts for other people and never to go empty handed to any body’s house. She has also taught me to give pimageeople more than they give you and remember yo do it with love always.

It has been 6 months that I am married, my mom must have come here at least 10 times and with my busy new life, I have visited her about 5 times. The first time we went was on the 8th day of marriage and we had lots of goodies to give. She and my mausi helped us set the  me with basics. My hubby told me that we have to repay all this.  But…. it is the most difficult thing in the world.  Every time we take something for her.. she already has a bag of goodies to give us….mostly fruits and sometimes special chocolates and other tidbits. It is just impossible to give my mom anything extra…she will always give you more in return.

Today is her birthday, 6th august. Here is wishing her a lifetime of love and happiness


Cobwebs are where spiders live.
Spiders eat other insects like mosquitoes
human beings don’t like mosquitoes.
so shouldn’t human beings like spiders and cobwebs?
Y do they then remove it?
Only because the house might look nice?

I asked my mom this today and she told me to not ask her questions to which she doesn’t have answers. 😦
so I ask you?
Do u have an answer?

Birthday celebrated only for the kid???

It is strange how we celebrate birthday of the kid who was born and not of the other relations that were born because of him/her.

My mom became a mom after I was born. It isn’t funny, i know there are jokes on this but it is soo true. Even she shd be a part of the celebrations. Same goes for the father… Grand mom’s… Grand dad’s … You get the point. Ok forget the rest, mother should atleast be a part of the celebration. She is the one who carried the child for $#^$%^$ 9 months. Becoming a mom is such a task. I am seeing my bro handle 3 kids.. I don’t think everyone is or can be one.

Sabka malik ek hai

I don’t know how other mom’s are but my mom has 1 single cure for most things.

If u scratched yourself, rubbed real hard and are bleeding…

If u burnt yourself…

If u fell down, ya seriously…

If your sister scratched u with her nails


At times it gets bugging, it’s mostly funny and we shake our heads and just let it be…but it gets bugging at times.

What is strange is that she trust’s it with all her heart and it works for her. It treats her. Thoughts are really more powerful thank u and I think.

Mom’s call

Posted 29-05-2009 at 07:24 PM by sunayna

Some days back, I was sitting in my aunt’s room in the evening, I heard a kid yell for his mom. I thought to myself that how funny would it be if all mom’s came out to check, kahin ye humara pilu to nahin, but nothing happened. I didn’t hear any noise, but in a few minutes, the kid answered, so I realized that the kid’s mom had answered and the kid was replying back.
Amazing how the mom’s understand their kid’s call.
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very true..

salutation is a very small thing to all mom’s in the world.