I have grown…

It has been 2 years since I have gotten wet in the rain willingly and enjoyingly. I realized it yesterday as I walked towards a cultural event at IIT cribbing and feeling grumpy about getting wet. I saw college kids walking in the rain with a smile. It has been raining heavily since so many days and I missed the sun and its shine.

There was a time when I smiled everytime it rained, now I scolded my husband for walking on drainage water. When did I become this I don’t know.

Maybe I have matured, maybe become responsible or just become sensible… I don’t know.. more so, I am not sure that I like it.

Just observing nd wondering what will come next.

I will never get tired of the rains

I am so delighted that it is finally raining in mumbai.

I know the nuisance it is causing. I was stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours yesterday… cold and wet… but I could never really curse the rain. I can never get enough of it.

I don’t mind removing clothes from the wires when it begins to rain,

I don’t mind the wet dog smell in my building

I don’t mind me not able to get up early morning because of the cold weather

I don’t mind the slight rashes on the skin or itchiness of the scalp

I don’t mind the muddy water or the kichad on the clothes.

I don’t mind sneezing because of the cold.

I don’t mind anything because of the rains.


I don’t mind that it takes more than 6 hours for my hair to dry

I don’t mind anything…

Oh Rain, u can ┬ábe assured of one thing – I will never get tired of U.

Can Hardly wait!!!!

Every part of my heart is waiting for it to rain. The weather is just right. The air is just right. Though not everything is perfect but it sure is gonna rain today.

My heart skips a beat every time there are birds on my roof because it sure does sound like rain, Oh God!, Let it rain. Don’t tease us with a slight shower… Just come and drown us in your love.