Can it go any faster?

I have mostly been very calm even when the trains are late or running slowly till recently.

I normally don’t have had people waiting for me, so even if the trains are running late or slowly, I am busy with my life and its mostly always ok. I have never been able to understand people who would make sounds like tch when the trains were late. The tch isn’t going to make the train run any faster and it is waste of time. I rather be reading or ….

Recently, I knew there was someone waiting for me. The train was running slow and late. By God did I wish that the train could become faster 🙂 Now, I understand. If you have a loved one waiting for you somewhere, U wish the trains would run on time 😛

A joy for mumbaikars

There is a joy that is known only to mumbaikars. It is the joy of getting in the train at the nth minute when you thought you would miss it.

I was seated and a girl came running from the stairs, got in the train and then sat beside me. After 10 seconds, she asked me if this was the fast train, i said yes. She was delighted. She almost giggled. It was as if she found some lost treasure. I almost giggled looking at her. Catching your train can make the mumbaikar’s day