Diwali… as it should be

“People are not buying only and you are bargaining. 3 days are left for the festival and people are missing from mumbai. Even I have to celebrate diwali” complained a clip and hairband salesman in the train yesterday.

I bought the clips and wished him a happy diwali. He smiled.

I went to dmart to buy few haldiram boxes to gift and I finished the process in 10 mins on a Saturday.  It was that empty!!! I was surprised. As the boxes got wrapped, I looked around. Something felt missing. Not in the mood to do small talk, I stood there admiring their fine craftsmanship at wrapping. The ladies who were gift wrapping, talked amongst themselves. “It is so empty today.”
“Yes, something is missing” said the other one.
“My thoughts exactly.” I chimed in.
They smiled..I told them that I was just thinking the same thing. It is so wonderful that I got a seat in kasara local in the evening.  Surprising! They were on the fourth box and there were many to go. While they packed, we discussed how diwali has lost its charm in a city like Mumbai. Everyday is like diwali here. The true essence of diwali can be experienced only at home.
“Will you guys not go home?”
“No, madam. We don’t have leave.”
“Oh” I said, trying to ignore the sadness in their eyes. I left after wishing them a happy diwali and was slightly surprised with their cheerful comeback.

On the way home, in the rick, I tried to figure out if their smile and cheer was genuine or otherwise. The auto was going so fast, that I was scared that it might tip over. I told him to slow down. He told me that the road is empty. Nothing will happen. I understood his point and tried to keep control on my hair. “Everyone has gone to their village.” he added.
Why didn’t you go?
“No one to take care of the rickshaw”
“Even of I go, I am alone. No one in village. Diwali seems better with others like me here in Mumbai.” He added.

Though Mumbai is mumbai. It is a wonderful place to be in. It has a place for everyone. Alone, single, families…. everyone. Mumbai is a place where you can survive even if you are alone or away from family. For someone like me, whose family, cousins, distant relationships are all in Mumbai, thankfully,  I was never away from my loved ones on diwali or any get togethers.

I feel good knowing that many people have gone to their villages for diwali. I will hopefully go on Tuesday. This will be my first diwali away from Mumbai out of many more to come. I look forward to the excitement and the wonderful experiences I will have.

Hope you have a wonderful diwali wherever you are. Honestly, I don’t know the real purpose of diwali. All I know is that we pray to goddess lakshmi for prosperity. I hope you have enough of it to share it with others. Keep smiling and spreading the cheer.


I feel like a queen

I think I was born for royalty. I am living in a hotel past few days with no fixed agenda. I have nothing planned and absolutely no responsibilities. I have a television which has discovery channel and comedy nights with kapil. Though I am busy discovering Bangalore so have not spent more than an hour with the tv.

Staying in a hotel room has a lot of advantages. I don’t have to cook, clean or anything. The housekeeping not only does the dusting but even comes and makes the bed. What else is left? I have all the time to think, read, write and wander.

A very tiny part of me is getting homesick. I occasionally worry about my plants and miss the simple dal khichdi but now I understand the true importance of taking a break like this. No worries. Hope we are all able to live like this for sometime 😉

one more reason that contributed in making me feel like a queen is dove Soap. I had participated in dove contest and got 2 dove bars and I packed it for my trip to bengaluru. The fact that dove works in hard water is just awesome. Thanks dove  http://www.dove.in/en/Products/Bar-Body-Wash/Bar/Cream-Beauty-Bathing-Bar.aspx

Difference in man and dog

Source: Internet

I was waiting for my husband to get me coffee. We were in his office canteen. The canteen is just next to the entrance of the building. I was facing the entrance and enjoying the surprise rains we are all facing in Mumbai thanks to Phalin.

Just then, I noticed that the dog who was sitting somewhere inside, came at the door and wanted to go outside. Like all of us, it didn’t want to get wet and catch cold. It looked at people with umbrellas going out as if trying to hitch a ride. No one noticed the poor dog. After 2 or 3 attempts it decided to go in the rain. I felt sorry for the dog and decided to enjoy my machine made coffee. About a minute after that, I saw a student waiting at the door. I was just thinking how lucky we humans are for we have the ability to communicate. The student saw 1 girl go. I thought that he must be shy of approaching a girl. Then there was a man who went. Then another. The student just didn’t ask anyone. How sad. In a blink of an eye, he gave up, and went out in the rain. I was feeling angry, miserable and weird at the same time. Why didn’t he communicate? why didn’t he ask for help? We are given this human birth for a very important reason – an opportunity. It is definitely a rare opportunity. Why waste it?

Honest Shopkeeper – 02

I love eating pani puri, pizza and vada pao in mumbai. I am constantly trying out new places. I remember this incident happened while I was shopping for my wedding and had a strong desire to eat Pani Puri. I was at mangaldas market and decided to take a pani puri break.

pani puri

I found one opposite the market, about 5 mins towards Dadar. I enjoyed each gappa and was so thankful. I don’t like drinking the remaining water so I was about to throw it when the shopkeeper stopped me. He took my plate and drank the khatta meetha pani. I was stunned. He sensed my question and told me that I make it with a lot of effort and can’t see it all go to waste. I felt embarrassed.

6 months after marriage, I now know the effort that goes in cooking. Though this hasn’t been a life changing event but I admire his honesty towards his work. Going to mangaldas market in the evening is not really possible but if you are there, U can eat the delicious pani puri and be rest assured of the contents as you know it is made by someone who loves his work and is honest, diligent and passionate about it to say the least.

Swami Vivekanand says “One who does a lower work is not a lowly person. No one should be judged by the mere nature of their duties. All should be judged by the manner and the spirit in which they perform their duties.” Karma Yoga. New York, 1895. Complete Works, 1. 66.

How True?

A joy for mumbaikars

There is a joy that is known only to mumbaikars. It is the joy of getting in the train at the nth minute when you thought you would miss it.

I was seated and a girl came running from the stairs, got in the train and then sat beside me. After 10 seconds, she asked me if this was the fast train, i said yes. She was delighted. She almost giggled. It was as if she found some lost treasure. I almost giggled looking at her. Catching your train can make the mumbaikar’s day

Game our maid plays.

Our maid makes us play a game every day. She is very kind and ensures that we don’t stop using our brains. We are pretty sure that she does this on purpose as my mom has told her a couple of times to not do it. She smiles in return and continues doing it.

The game is called “Hide the tumbler”

Every morning,  she hides the tumbler.  The tumbler is either in one of the buckets which is covered by wet clothes or another bucket…or under the stool or sometimes just outside the bathroom. She likes to keep it simple at times to challenge us and also remind us that simplicity has its own charm and we should not try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in the first place.

If anyone who uses the bathroom after she is done washing the clothes is the lucky chosen one for the game. We get to practice control and anger management and problem solving at the same time.

How lucky na?

Typical people behaviour on alighting on the platform

Posted 01-05-2009 at 07:48 AM by sunayna

Typically, people come out of the train and act in the following ways

LOST – They get down on their own will but will look as if they got down by mistake. I have been patient with such people, observed them, none of them get back on the train as I assume they would.

RAJDHANI – They are amongst the first 3-4 to get down. They know exactly where to go and how to get there and will not worry about troubling people in front of them for getting there.
And beware if they get down towards the end, then god save you. They will trouble everyone … errr… I guess it doesn’t matter in which order they get off… they just trouble people.

GROUP – These people … they think that no one else has anything better to do but should be playing audience to them. They will get off and await for the whole gang to get off. They will not move from their place with little realisation that the rest can’t get off until they move forward.