Trees on mountains…are like Relationships.

Don’t get confused reading the topic, read the post and let me know if you agree. Trees on mountains are like relationships.

Some trees are wise to store water and endure the harsh summers and live.

Some dry away

I know it is not a profound discovery. The thought process started because my friend was wondering how the trees on mountains manage to stay alive. The reason he asked is because where he stays, There is a small hill and it has trees and there is a lady in their locality who waters them.

So, I told him, there are some relationships where both are smart and are able to endure, Some are not, and some get angels who help them. 🙂

Things that don’t make sense – Part 9

Someone quoted Leo F. Buscaglia “A single rose can be my garden…a single friend, my world” on my blog few days back

Sorry but it doesn’t make any sense to me. I get the concept of having a single true friend. am ok with that. But then how will I help the world? What is he trying to say? What to do with the others?

And 1 flower my garden? Impossible, maybe i am greedy but i can’t see a garden in just 1 flower. no, not happening.

Anyone care to explain?

Nature just gives…

Nature is so wonderful. Even though the plant is dying, It still manages to bear flowers. I was so disappointed to see my newly brought plant die but i guess this was the learning behind it. Nature is trying to show that we can each do something, age, circumstances are no barriers. You can do something if u really want to do it.

A wonderful dream

I saw a wonderful dream. I must have seen it around 5 because I got up at 530 in the morning after the dream and was sooo happy that i couldn’t sleep till 6. i shut my alarm at 6 and went off to sleep hoping it would continue.

I dreamt that we have shifted to a bunglow. it is a 3 storey lovely bunglow with lovely plants all around. We visit it…i go running inside and am in love with it at first sight. it is so much better than what i had at farmville. 😛
i look for the gardener and he tells me that it is time to water the plants and i tell him that i would love to do it. i take charge of the green pipe and ….. no words to express how happily i water the plants and fall in love with them. There are lovely plants and trees on all 4 sides and also outside the home. i come out and see my dad waiting for me…i tell him that this place would be more than awesome during the rains. imagine the smell of land and freshly fried pakodas… i am gonna love staying here….
and the dream ended. 😦 but i got up right after this and kept smiling like a moron and just couldn’t fall asleep

oh pls lord…i hope this dream comes true sooooooon

The survivor

The money plant (Creepers or bel) is such a fantastic plant to plant in the house. It is extremely flexible and grows in whichever situation possible. It is a no fuss plant. U water it once a day and it is good. In case u forget to water it for 2 days in a row… it will still survive. What I love best about this plant is the shiny green colour of the leaves. I wash the leaves about once a week and I love it when the 3’o clock sun reaches it. It looks lovely. I think I have a pic in my gardening folder in picasa. I planted one at the main entrance of the door and have used a thread and tied it to the top of the door. I can’t wait for it to grow. 🙂

Put it in the sun or put it indoor’s…it still survives

Put it in water or put it in soil … it still survives

It is truly a very noble plant. For those who have been asking me about gardening but crib that they don’t have the time to take extra care, get a money plant… it is a no demand and no complaints sort of a plant. One could learn from it and be liked by all. : )