Questions don’t change

There are many people who boast of not having the tv box in their house.

Funny story- my husband received a call from a very aggressive salesman here in the US “do you have a tv connection”
Why not?
I don’t want it.
Oh. There must be some reason.
I really don’t want one.
The salesman cut the call without saying anything.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t watch movies. I sometimes spend my leisure time on FB or/and also on youtube watching the stuff that I miss on tv. Internet has many good things and bad things like everything else in life. Tv or Internet…I have realized that the question remains the same. What do we take from a given option. Personally, I am thankful to FB and internet. I am part of this wonderful project in movie thanks to Fb (Click here). Most of my writing has got published because of the options shown by FB. I wish everyone could see the wonderful opportunities that can be grabbed by this medium and avail of them rather than abuse them. I can’t imagine a life without FB, I wouldnt know how to promote Art with sunayna if it wasn’t for FB. So, for me, FB or anything on the internet is like a resource, it is upto me to use it. Pray that I do so. Thank you.

tv vs computer

The post feels incomplete but I don’t have much to add. Have a happy sunday 🙂 hope you utilize your time well.

What will I do with the mouse?

My cousin has a mouse in her house. Her mom works in nagpur and the kid stays alone with her bro. She is pretty scared and asked us all elders for help. Since she stays pretty near to my mom’s house and as most of you Will know, I have had my share of trouble with mice, I asked her to collect the trap from my house.


Later, I realized that catching the mouse is the easy part. What will the dear little girl do with it? I know my mom had the guts to throw it in the bin near the railway line. This kid might get weak knees looking at the mouse.

Same is our situation na? We keep asking Him to show us the right path or tell us the right thing to do but are we always prepared for the answers?  Are we ready to walk on the right path shown? Are we….


I know it is said that there is nothing certain in this world. It is also said that we shouldn’t use the word “always” and “never” as nothing is permanent.

I disagree!

There is one thing that I am certain of. Even though in weak moments I might not understand it and question it or argue with it… Am sure He loves us and always always will. Always!

What is life but a belief?

I heard this thought today. How true na?

Really, what is life but a belief? i don’t know what else to say to this but this thought calms me down…The thing so called “Reality” is nothing but a manifestation of our beliefs.

How did we get beliefs? where do thoughts come from? no clue…but i understand that we are living a program and neither beliefs nor thoughts are in our hand.

BOSS !!!

I was recently out with my cousin in a hotel and he addressed the waiter as chchc cchchc. I didn’t say anything the first time but I think the look of utter repulsion was very evident on my face. The waiter didn’t acknowledge so my cousin did so again.
I told him not to do so, and he obliged
He asked y and I said “Munna bhai nai dekhi hai kya?”
So he did something even more disgusting.
He addressed the waiter as boss. Isn’t calling boss degrading? Who started this custom? (vini, is there a word which means the custom is completely wrong, something like sati)
Anyway, coming back to BOSS, Its like laughing on the fellow. Probably he will never become so qualified that someone would call him boss
I find it annoying, why would someone like to address someone who serves him tea as “boss”. I have seen it in movies that some people call them captain too. That seems even more weird, probably because we are not used to it.
I hate it when ppl don’t call me by my name, and worst would be calling me by my surname, my receptionist calls me mam … Ugh!!!