The secret behind America’s success.

As most of you know, my husband and I have shifted to Usa for some time. I am in awe of the wonderful people in america. Which brings me to the crux of my point…The people are the secret to USA being such a developed country.

I beg pardon from all the economists, financial institutions and other intellectuals who may dismiss my logic. What I am sharing is my personal, first hand experience and well..I truly believe it from my heart now.

I see people respecting other people here. The maintainence guys or drivers or …. are not looked down upon.  Passengers greet the drivers when they get in the bus. They actually have conversations as they drive. And even if the driver doesn’t know you, he wishes you well. There is so much positivity and brotherhood I see here that it warms my heart. For the first 2 days, I thought that all this courtesy is fake. But now, I feel that even if it is fake, I am the one who is faking it or I am the one who is too closed to accept it. And…even if it is fake, the words do tend to create an aura of goodness and wellness that one can’t escape.

I met this lady who is born and bought up here in Connecticut, she liked my patiala salwar and we had a conversation while we waited for the bus. She asked about India and shared her experience with indian cooking. Before we parted ways, she told me that she wished me well and would pray for me. A complete stranger wished me well. I was so taken aback that I simply said thank you and went speechless. Not even a “me too” 😦

Anyway, It has been 10 days and I have come across 2 maintainence guys who have gone out of the way to help me.

I see everybody respecting themselves and others around them. I am in awe. I don’t see people being greedy or selfish or is truly a lovely place and I wish India too could be like this.

I must thank all of you for your good wishes and prayers and blessings without which I might not have had half the lovely experiences I am having. Thank you. Lots of love and good wishes to all.

Ps – When People ask me how is America-I have a standard and honest reply. America is cold but the people here make up for it with the warmth. They truly do.

Diwali… as it should be

“People are not buying only and you are bargaining. 3 days are left for the festival and people are missing from mumbai. Even I have to celebrate diwali” complained a clip and hairband salesman in the train yesterday.

I bought the clips and wished him a happy diwali. He smiled.

I went to dmart to buy few haldiram boxes to gift and I finished the process in 10 mins on a Saturday.  It was that empty!!! I was surprised. As the boxes got wrapped, I looked around. Something felt missing. Not in the mood to do small talk, I stood there admiring their fine craftsmanship at wrapping. The ladies who were gift wrapping, talked amongst themselves. “It is so empty today.”
“Yes, something is missing” said the other one.
“My thoughts exactly.” I chimed in.
They smiled..I told them that I was just thinking the same thing. It is so wonderful that I got a seat in kasara local in the evening.  Surprising! They were on the fourth box and there were many to go. While they packed, we discussed how diwali has lost its charm in a city like Mumbai. Everyday is like diwali here. The true essence of diwali can be experienced only at home.
“Will you guys not go home?”
“No, madam. We don’t have leave.”
“Oh” I said, trying to ignore the sadness in their eyes. I left after wishing them a happy diwali and was slightly surprised with their cheerful comeback.

On the way home, in the rick, I tried to figure out if their smile and cheer was genuine or otherwise. The auto was going so fast, that I was scared that it might tip over. I told him to slow down. He told me that the road is empty. Nothing will happen. I understood his point and tried to keep control on my hair. “Everyone has gone to their village.” he added.
Why didn’t you go?
“No one to take care of the rickshaw”
“Even of I go, I am alone. No one in village. Diwali seems better with others like me here in Mumbai.” He added.

Though Mumbai is mumbai. It is a wonderful place to be in. It has a place for everyone. Alone, single, families…. everyone. Mumbai is a place where you can survive even if you are alone or away from family. For someone like me, whose family, cousins, distant relationships are all in Mumbai, thankfully,  I was never away from my loved ones on diwali or any get togethers.

I feel good knowing that many people have gone to their villages for diwali. I will hopefully go on Tuesday. This will be my first diwali away from Mumbai out of many more to come. I look forward to the excitement and the wonderful experiences I will have.

Hope you have a wonderful diwali wherever you are. Honestly, I don’t know the real purpose of diwali. All I know is that we pray to goddess lakshmi for prosperity. I hope you have enough of it to share it with others. Keep smiling and spreading the cheer.


Random conversation – 2

I was coming back from a graphology session, I was in a state what I call is my cleaning state after the session, where i am in my own world trying to figure out why i met these people and what is my learning and how do I learn, move on and not let anything affect me when this lady said something to me.
I was so dazed, that I thought she had come for an analysis session and I was about to tell her to contact the desk for appointment when i realized that i was standing at the station 😛
I told her to ask me again and she did. She asked me if the virar train would stop at borivali. I told her yes. and the teacher in me got up and told her how the indicator worked. It mentioned which stations the train would not be halting at. She looked at it and then asked me if I found it silly. I said I completely agreed with her. She cribbed about how everyone just says stuff and never does anything about it to which my manners eluded me for the minute and I smiled at her and asked “Like how we are doing it now” She giggled and told me that this was her first experience of virar train. I wished her luck and when the train came, I actually saw her make a stern face … probably reflecting her desire to get in the train no matter what. We both got in easily and she ended up standing almost at the other end of the compartment. We couldn’t talk but when we looked at each other, I asked her how she felt and she showed me a thumbs up. 😛 I absolutely loved her innocence and determination…she reminds me of me when I had started traveling.
I love these random encounters.