The beauty of getting a greeting card.

When I was small, I liked getting and collecting greeting cards. It reduced as I left college and started working. I never paid much attention to them unless I would clean and organise my table drawers and when I did, I would read them all and relive the memories.


Then, I got married and left them all in my mother’s house. There is also a sort of maturity you get as you marry and …. As relations fade, the cards lost their importance somewhere.

Now, after Satyen has come, I have got a few cards again. The messages feel sooo special and I feel lovely. I can’t wait to give them to him for him to read. I prepared a mail id for him. In case you want to mail him, please do at Satyen.pal31 at gmail

No matter how silly it feels, There is something beautiful about getting a greeting card. It is a physical memory that you can see touch and also feel.

I hope you get a lot of them to store and cherish.



Do Actions always speak louder than words

Men don’t say the 3 magical words to women.NO? Whats your story?

I recently read a very beautiful poem about a father daughter relationship to my hubby. He said that it is ok. I asked – OK? Its beautiful. He said – What is the point of saying all these things and hitting her when alone or something on those lines.Would it make sense if men would hit wives in the morning and say nice things at night for …. Will it work? I said no. Actually, In my experience, I have seen men who are good with words, good at making people laugh but not really good with work, they say things that they don’t mean and are not really good with their commitments. They may say good things and the other magical words but not trustworthy. If I had to choose, I would obviously choose someone who is committed rather than the other kind. But the point still remains. My hubby says that what is the point of saying – Don’t my everyday actions tell u? Am sure most men have the same excuse.

So here it is ladies. Here is a fitting reply. Actions are ok but it feels nice to hear them sometimes. I can’t recall his reaction to this but he was no ways convinced to my side of story. So here is what I said. When was the last time u saw an action movie without any romance? Will anyone want to watch if there is one? No? u need something. NO?

IT must be existing

I have heard about it. People use it in daily conversation. I don’t know if they mean it or no but they use the term very loosely. I have experienced it in the past but for some reason, it was always taken as a given. Now, with each passing day, the feeling that IT must be existing is growing and it is becoming impossible for me not to believe in it.

Bollywood seems to be full about it. Others told me that it is all humbug. IT can’t exist. It is to sell movies. It is how they imagine IT to be. My argument – even if imagination, it came from somewhere. Right, It was someone’s imagination. So why can’t it exist?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am talking about the L word. The feeling that makes the world go round. The thing that God is supposed to be full of. I am talking about LOVE.

I remember, for an article about valentines day, I had asked questions about Perfect couples. More than less, I  got personal answers…People spoke about their parents as being the perfect couple or other people they had met. I had to emphasize that I want Bollywood names and I actually got an argument that we are not sure how they are in real life, but my parents are truly perfect for each other.

My Mom and dad too seem perfect to me based on my experience in last 2-3 yrs. I have seen how much a wife can endure and how silly a man can be to not be able to express his love. I have also seen my dad’s eyes light up (even when he was under strong medication) when mom came from work. So, no matter what, I can’t help but believe in IT’s existence now. Whats say?

*Talking on a human level, not about DIVINE love


Trees on mountains…are like Relationships.

Don’t get confused reading the topic, read the post and let me know if you agree. Trees on mountains are like relationships.

Some trees are wise to store water and endure the harsh summers and live.

Some dry away

I know it is not a profound discovery. The thought process started because my friend was wondering how the trees on mountains manage to stay alive. The reason he asked is because where he stays, There is a small hill and it has trees and there is a lady in their locality who waters them.

So, I told him, there are some relationships where both are smart and are able to endure, Some are not, and some get angels who help them. 🙂