Who says?

Who says that you take birth only today?

Who says that you will come later?

Who says you are not here now???

Who says…


You are in all of us, are u not?

You take birth every second when there is a need, do u not?

You take birth every moment to vanish evil, do u not?

You take birth every moment and save the innocent, do u not?

Look at the population, isn’t this the ghor kalyug where we await you? Obviously there isn’t just one kans…there are many…hence there are many of you too, is there not???


I know it is said that there is nothing certain in this world. It is also said that we shouldn’t use the word “always” and “never” as nothing is permanent.

I disagree!

There is one thing that I am certain of. Even though in weak moments I might not understand it and question it or argue with it… Am sure He loves us and always always will. Always!