Mom told me to get nimboo while coming back home. my analysis session lasted for about 90 mins and then on way back i started singing this song – nimbooda nimbooda nimbooda and smiled thinking that how the human mind is… it always finds a song to sing…

I crossed the bhajiwala singing this song and forgot to buy the nimboo but came home singing nimbooda nimbooda nimbooda

I am really amazed at how the human mind works

Foul things by Fowl

Posted 16-06-2009 at 09:40 PM by sunayna
Updated 21-06-2009 at 01:18 PM by sunayna

I was walking back home with my friend at night (yes, mind u, at night. Why am I stressing on this fact? Read on) when either
1 Some bird shit on my finger
2 Someone threw chatni at my finger
3 (I can’t think of anything… what could it be)

Now at 11 in the night, I don’t see why someone or anyone for that matter would throw chatni on me. So my guess is that a bird who must have had heavy dinner and probably couldn’t wait till morning just let go. Help me with the third one. What could it be? Any guesses?

As soon as I realized what must have happened, I cleaned it and my friend told me that it’s a sign of good fortune.
Now, does it really work that way? Or is it simply said to make the person feel better?

I barely see any logic on fortune shining on me because some bird overate.

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    pritam6753's Avatar
    absolute hilarious …

    Third guess:
    a. someone was brushing his/her teeth
    b. may be white wash or some paint plus wall putty

    Just a thought : one needs to test it to find if that was chutny or a bird dropping.

    Luck is on your way mam.

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    Posted 17-06-2009 at 04:37 PM by pritam6753 pritam6753 is offline
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    sunayna's Avatar

    it was thicker than white wash…. 😛

Laziness is the mother of all invention

Necessity is not always the sole reason for doing things in a simpler way. According to this mail I read, it said “Laziness is the mother of all invention” I will have to say, that I quite agree with the statement. It is my laziness that I keep a scale behind my chair so I don’t have to get up from my study table when I want to switch on the light or fan. There is no necessity here, just plain old laziness.

I am sure we don’t really need – need a washing machine. Clothes that are hand washed, turn out cleaner and better than machine washed. In earlier times, people would stay fit my doing house hold work. Now days, people use all modern gadgets that work on press of a few buttons here and there and then they go to the gym to stay fit… or at least have memberships to gyms they think of going to.