Oh dear…studying is so difficult. My exams are around the corner again and i have to get studying again but summer is a very wrong season to study… well so is rainy and winter. 😛

There are so many things to do and studying seems the first on the to do wish list but last one on the actually would do list. 😦

Chalo enuf whining, should at least find my books and make plans about studying

Maggi noodles and Tamil Nadu

I am off to tamil nadu for most of feb for my PCP in annamalai. Yes, I am looking fwd to it… since ages actually.
No, I am not done studying or preparing for it yet
Yes, Packing for the trip is again causing frenzy

I was chatting with a few people who have attended the course, one of the funniest things this Mumbaikar asked me to do was to eat as much maggi noodles as I could, while I could. I found it hilarious, and obviously told her so. She told me to take her word for it because when she was in south for the PCP, she terribly missed eating maggi noodles. I am not a member of Maggi fan club, but I enjoy eating it when mom is not around or if I feel hungry at 2 in the morning, which brings us back to my mom not being available. The way she described how much she missed maggi and how terrible she felt over there, I couldn’t help but have it for dinner 2 days back.
Well, I am considering this as a part of me gearing up for the PCP

I am going to be out of touch for almost a month. Please send ur prayers and hope I come back home in one piece. I will obviously be carrying lots of stories from there…don’t worry.
Wish me luck.