Realization by sipping tea

This is not the most profound realization I have had but I feel compelled to write something. Now a days, everything I write is with the aim to publish it somewhere. Though writing is still fun and I still choose to write what I want, I miss writing to you, here.

So here is something I realized sitting at this beautiful park next to my house. It is a cloudy day in spring and the weather is like it is in Mahabaleshwar.wpid-20150512_090114.jpg

As I sit here, sipping tea and enjoying the peace after finishing all my chores for the day and sending my hubby away to work, my thoughts drift to the rare times I drink tea.

I remember making tea for an American sister of ours. How I had not added sugar as she doesn’t take sugar with tea. In most households in India, we make tea by heating everything together – water, milk, sugar and ginger and lemon grass depending on individual taste. From what I personally know of US and UK, there is no one pot of tea, there is black tea water separate, milk separate, sugar separate and …. this gives me two realizations.

1 There is respect and consideration to each individual more in US than in India which makes me feel safe and comfortable here.

2 Also, I find tolerance and the ability to adjust is more in India than in US. (This is my personal opinion from my personal experience) Just sharing!