Farmville. :)

I am hooked to this game on Facebook called Farmville. It is not just a game. It is so much more. I, like many other city-born-never-been-to-an-actual-village ppl have a fantasy of owning a farm, cultivating crops, riding on tractors, sleeping under the stars, removing water from the well…etc. How long will I actually living like this is a different question but do I want to do something like this…the answer is yes from not only the bottom of my heart from my full heart 😉

Farmville gives me a placebo satisfaction of sorts. I have a well, animals which include horses, goats, cows, (pink and white), rabbits, ducks and swans, windmill, cottage to stay, rest tent, garden shed, pond, picnic set, maple tree, lime tree, orange tree, apple, apricot, banana, dates, plum, lemon, pomegranate, peach, fig and olive. It is amazing. I show my farm to my parents, aunts, my friends, my sis.

My excitement about owning this farm is so contagious, that if I forget to tell my aunt which veggie have I grown, she asks automatically. I absolutely love playing it. Come visit my farm and be my neighbour there. here is the link.

ME at my farm

visit it and let me know what u feel about it.

food for entry on meow.

If your stress levels at work, home and with relationships are consistent, and if your conflicts with the one person who brings out the beast in you, have a consistent tenor and pitch for over some years, then chances are, you are programmed. You are not really responding, rather a program that’s got deeply etched into your system is running automatically and you are identifying yourself with this program. In fact most of the times when you catch yourself reacting typically for a given situation time and again like a stuck record, these are not at all your natural responses, but they’re one of any number of programs that surreptitiously got into your system and are operating as proxies.

Our intellect has been used overtime in practically all the areas of our lives , except the one purpose for what it was really meant for. Not knowing this purpose, creates a loophole for more virus programs to enter into our system. As one great author said, if you’re living a life “as though you’ll never die and die as though you’ve never lived”, then rest assured that almost your entire life is run by these proxy programs and you’ve not realized your true potential yet. That you’re not aware of these duplicate virus programs remote-controlling your life, is what the wise call, “ignorance” or “sleeping with your eyes wide open”.

How do you kill this virus ? The best vaccine to kill it is, simply recognizing its presence. But the biggest obstruction in recognizing its presence, is your staunch refusal to believe that you could be fooled so completely by something which is a non-resident program. What makes it tough for the vaccine to kill this virus is, your genuine stamp that nothing is wrong with your thinking. This creates a “no entry” for the vaccine to operate, no matter how brilliant. The second big obstruction is that, this virus program is polymorphic (changes its form to suit different situations) making its detection fool-proof in keeping you fooled. The moment you start feeling its presence and try to stop feeding it thru your own set of vaccines, it immediately “senses” your awareness of its presence and simply changes its code to camouflage its presence to fit into your vaccine program, giving you a look and feel as though your vaccine is now working and you’re rid of the virus. It lies dormant for a while bidding its time and you actually experience some peace and a raised awareness of your self – well, for how long ? just till the next provocation when you explode, exposing the fragility of your vaccine.

All our attempts in the functional world , no matter how well intended and genuine, in terms of attending spiritual discourses or doing different forms of yogic practices to realize the truth and attain freedom from our limitedness, may take us close to recognizing the presence of this virus, but its polymorphic design is so powerful that the moment it recognizes a threat to its existence it simply converts these vaccine programs as “ReadMe.txt” files rather than “.exe” executable files. Meaning, this knowledge has to be lived, only then are you actually treating the disease and not just the symptoms and letting the execution of the vaccine program happen, which can result in the cloud moving away from your vision or culmination or flowering of all that you listened from the masters. But just how the virus ingeniously tricks us, is by making us believe that simply doing physical, mental or energy practices and maintaining the body well or listening to discourses even by great masters, it lets us “feel good” for some time and simply keeps this knowledge in memory making us intellectualize the whole thing and fooling us into believing that as long as this knowledge is in memory you’ve realized the truth or are almost there. Well, how long does this “realization” last ? Till the next setback or “why me” attack.

This knowledge needs to be internalized and lived, only then can transformation happen. The virus simply brings in changes and fools you into believing that these are transformations. And the greatest laboratory to practice, is facing what life brings, head on without running away from it, responding to the good, bad and the ugly situations while examining your responses minutely. But our pattern of thinking has become so conditioned (across lifetimes), that the need to shift our thinking or orientation to a higher frequency and the fact that the power to do it is within us – is obscured. This is the cloud. It is crucial that to examine your response you need to observe your response which is possible only if you witness your mind. Only when you do this, the fact that you can respond differently to a typical situation might come as a surprise. This realization that “I can respond differently”, throws open a wider range to choose from and this gives space and brings in maturity because this “different response” is your response and this is possible only when you’re fully in the present looking at reality (without any past programs running simultaneously) , and in doing so you’re actually disabling the automated proxy program from deciding for you. This maturity is the very door to objectify the external which in turn brings in strength, and courage because now you know that the good, bad and ugly situations are not me but external to me and I simply need to respond to them in the best way I can with whatever resources I have and leave the result alone. Leaving the result alone is a readiness to “accept the hidden variables of life and what I cannot change”. The more we practice this with awareness, the more we’re looking at the world the way it is (reality) and not the way we want it to be (past conditioning or future worries or fantasies).

All virus programs which have been remote-controlling your life, live and thrive only in a conditioned mind, hence they’re called non-resident programs. The more I look at the world the way it is, the more I respond from a sense of choice and not react from past hurt or insecurity and the more I free my mind of its conditioning, the more I’m in charge of my life and the more my happiness does not depend on external situations.