Top 5 irrational fears of people who travel by mail trains

Following are my top 5 fears when I travel by a mail train

1 you may end up pulling the chain by mistake or when asleep and wouldn’t know what to do next.


2 even if the halt is for 15 mins… you fear that the train may start before time (ya, right!) and you may be left behind.

3 people going for a small distance may capture your seat and … well it is a justified fear.


4 there will be no soap in the toilet.

5 your spouse who has gone down to buy samosas may not get back on the train on time.

These are my fears. Let me know if they match yours or if you have new ones to share

What decides beauty?

Early in the morning, my hubby and I were admiring the view outside the train window.  I told him that it all looks so very very pretty. He nodded. I said everything is pretty no? Everything. He looked at me admiringly and I knew he was about to say something wise. 🙂 He said it is because everything is fleeting. It is temporary. Also we are seeing it all from an ac window and not able to smell the garbage. He added with a chuckle.

To think about it, he is right. If we picked a spot near the rail line and decided to stay there, the place like any other place would reveal all its sides…. annoying, disturbing, harmful, noisy etc.

Yesterday, when we entered our compartment,  I was delighted to know that we had the last 2 seats near the door in the 2 tier ac compartment. As you must be knowing that there are 4 seats in each cabin. Since we have only 2 I was happy to know that we had our privacy. We could keep oyr bags safely and use the tray table conveniently.
Third thing I noticed was that it was near the door which put a crack in my charm. Khulne bandh hine ka aawaz aayega I whined. And 2 hours later I also realized that it had no plug point so I had to use my phone sparingly.

So, comingto the point, what decides beauty of a place? The initial 5 seconds or the experience till the end. Is there something really everlasting? Or is it the human mind that and desire that can never be satiated? Is there something perfect? Everything has flaws no? Why do we look for perfection? Ooooh so many questions. Enough to think over the weekend. Keep smiling

Can it go any faster?

I have mostly been very calm even when the trains are late or running slowly till recently.

I normally don’t have had people waiting for me, so even if the trains are running late or slowly, I am busy with my life and its mostly always ok. I have never been able to understand people who would make sounds like tch when the trains were late. The tch isn’t going to make the train run any faster and it is waste of time. I rather be reading or ….

Recently, I knew there was someone waiting for me. The train was running slow and late. By God did I wish that the train could become faster 🙂 Now, I understand. If you have a loved one waiting for you somewhere, U wish the trains would run on time 😛


I was in the train one early morning and someone asked too all of us standing – which way matunga would come. She asked it all who were standing.

A flash of facebook ran across me. What exactly happens on FB? Imagine you are sitting in a full room. Someone yells something. A few people respond and then someone else yells something.

I know the whole world is crazy about facebook and most of them are such addicts that they prefer checking their page to brushing their teeth…but I find the concept a little odd. I can’t spend more than 5 to 10 minutes on it. Yes this is a way to stay connected and my art gets sold because of this to an extent but the whole concept is a little odd na?

Random conversation – 2

I was coming back from a graphology session, I was in a state what I call is my cleaning state after the session, where i am in my own world trying to figure out why i met these people and what is my learning and how do I learn, move on and not let anything affect me when this lady said something to me.
I was so dazed, that I thought she had come for an analysis session and I was about to tell her to contact the desk for appointment when i realized that i was standing at the station 😛
I told her to ask me again and she did. She asked me if the virar train would stop at borivali. I told her yes. and the teacher in me got up and told her how the indicator worked. It mentioned which stations the train would not be halting at. She looked at it and then asked me if I found it silly. I said I completely agreed with her. She cribbed about how everyone just says stuff and never does anything about it to which my manners eluded me for the minute and I smiled at her and asked “Like how we are doing it now” She giggled and told me that this was her first experience of virar train. I wished her luck and when the train came, I actually saw her make a stern face … probably reflecting her desire to get in the train no matter what. We both got in easily and she ended up standing almost at the other end of the compartment. We couldn’t talk but when we looked at each other, I asked her how she felt and she showed me a thumbs up. 😛 I absolutely loved her innocence and determination…she reminds me of me when I had started traveling.
I love these random encounters.

Worth million bucks.

I was in the train recently and…there was this old lady, and there was this naughty 3 yr old.

The 3 yr old went to the 60 yr old. The 60 yr old wanted to amuse him. She caught his hand and played a game where u know u make a fist by closing one finger and then run your hands to tickle.

The lady did that but the kid didn’t know what to do. HE didn’t get tickled. 🙂 When the lady tried to tickle…the kid just stared.

The look on the lady’s face was worth million bucks. This time, the lady didn’t know what to do 😛

Full circle

Life normally comes a full circle in all aspects. A friend recently taught me the concept of Yin and Yang. Both will come in your life whether u like it or not and you just have to deal with it.

Last Sunday I got late for my handwriting class at dadar. I went running to the station and reached about 5 seconds before the virar train hit the platform. I climbed in and found a nice place to stand(Glad). As I crossed andheri I realised that I didn’t get a ticket. I completely forgot. I obviously couldn’t get down now to just get a ticket. I thought of coming clean in front of the TC if there is one. Left everything to destiny and revised my notes. No one caught me at dadar. So where is the full circle u ask…it is on my way back.

I was to meet a friend back home. I was in a slight rush but remembered to remove the ticket from dadar. I was about to climb down the platform when my friend called to tell me that he was still at charni road and we could go to meet a friend and then home. I said ok. While I waited for him outside dadar station the thought hit me.