I like trees :)

I was coming back home today and was telling my friends how much I like this white glow on the trees. Spring is going to come anytime now and though I am looking forward to the greenery and the warm weather, I am going to miss this lovely highlight as much as I miss the colors of the fall. Infact, When the leaves were gone after the fall, I used to look at the dead branches and feel slightly sad. It seems mother nature applies some sort of balm by this lovely white snow.


That is when I realized that I had loved the trees here when it was fall and I was in awe to see the yellows and the oranges simply glow in the sunlight. Sadly, I didn’t click a single picture and have used this one from google.

What I have also realized is that I think trees are the more prettiest things on earth. I can’t tell you how much I like looking at them and the kind of energy I get from them. I don’t know if you feel the same or not but there is something magical about trees, no?

On Traveling

Travel teaches a lot of things. Thanks to my job and because of His grace, I have traveled a lot last few years. For me, Surprisingly, Travel has taught me that people, dialects may differ but trees and dogs remain the same. The trees look the same, the dogs look just the same, the birds sound the same, the mountains look the same… only people look different. Why I wonder?

Trees on mountains…are like Relationships.

Don’t get confused reading the topic, read the post and let me know if you agree. Trees on mountains are like relationships.

Some trees are wise to store water and endure the harsh summers and live.

Some dry away

I know it is not a profound discovery. The thought process started because my friend was wondering how the trees on mountains manage to stay alive. The reason he asked is because where he stays, There is a small hill and it has trees and there is a lady in their locality who waters them.

So, I told him, there are some relationships where both are smart and are able to endure, Some are not, and some get angels who help them. 🙂

Farms in india – (Farmville part 2)

I was on a trip to shirdi recently and clicked a few real farm snaps on the way. Wishful thinking.

You will find more snaps in my Picasa gallery. Link for the same is on the right hand side of this page. : )