Ulti salvaar

What do you do when you see someone walking on the road wearing an ulti salvaar?

Ulti salvaar

Here is a picture of me wearing one because, believe it or not, I couldn’t find one on google. I am as shocked as you are. I thought google baba had everything.

Anyway, coming to the point, what will you do if you did find a young lady wear her salvaar inside out?




Tell ~ Would you go tell her? Do you think that it can help? Lets say she is in a shop buying something. What good is the use of enlightening her about it there or anywhere for that matter?  How will you be able to help her?

Moreover – Is it showing in her face? Is she the least bit conscious? Doesn’t she seem in some other world? Will you be able to handle an embarrassed female? Just why would you want to tell?

Not to tell ~ This seems like a safe bet. Let her be. Let her go home and figure it all out. Let her be embarrassed in the privacy of her home, and let her have a good laugh with her hubby and forget the whole incident.

Sadly, the shop keeper who told me, thought otherwise. 😦

I was done with my shopping and left the cool (pun intended) abode and felt the door shut behind me. Just then as I was browsing through the clips that were kept outside, she came out and told me, “Madam, ghar chale jao, aapne salvaar ulti paehni hai” (Madam, please go back home, you are wearing your salvaar inside out)

I don’t know what got into me. I just didn’t get embarrassed, I told her that I knew and am just heading home. On my way back, I tried to figure out the cause of this situation. Maybe it is the low salt, as I fast on thursdays. Maybe it was the Euphoria of getting a new haircut. Maybe …

I also tried to examine the damage on my 2 minute walk back home. Will the lady always remember me for this? Thankfully because of the print, it is not really visible. How many people will actually notice me let alone my salvaar?

So, with a slight smile on my face and an increase in pace, I tried to look at the bright side. Came home, corrected my mistake, and got on with my day.


What will I do if I see someone wear an ulta salvaar?

Smile as misery loves company, and definitely NOT TELL HER.

Do u have any embarrassing situations to share to make me feel even better?