Medals for women

I am realizing few things with my new endeavors in cooking. For women, burnt marks on their hands are like war medals. From what I understand(and atleast about the women in my home) they like to show off the burnt marks they aquire during cooking. It clearly means that this lady knows how to cook. My younger sister recently got one too and few women were very very proud of her. there was one comment which said “haan tu toh ghar ka kaam jaanti hai na”.

I got slightly burnt too recently. It doesn’t show. I  AM HAPPY. I DON”T REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT ANY BURNT MARKS ON MY HANDS. It is on my finger. I got singed while moving the chapati. The skin is slightly sore but thankfully no marks. I don’t understand women!

My favorite color

Posted 01-04-2009 at 10:33 PM by sunayna

One of my good friends asked me about my favorite colour. I quickly said Pink. Too quickly, Perhaps! Pink, or to be specific, Pastel pink and please note, never baby pink used to be my most favoritest color. There was a friend in college who was so bugged after knowing this that he would tease me for hours about it. If I walked with him, he would make sure that he would point everything in pink and I would beat him.

I don’t know how I grew out of this fascination with the colour pink… but I thought I had. I don’t really have pink in my wardrobe. Nor do I have a pink bag or a pink bottle or a pink … anything. I think the object’s characteristics determine which colour it will look good in. So, I thought that I was no longer fascinated with pink. But maybe women never do.
I cant think of anything to comment…

any yeah.. i did not understand your last line..

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I cant think of anything to comment…

That is a comment in itself

any yeah.. i did not understand your last line..

wt i mean is tht girls are fascinated with pink…but i assumed tht when they frow up, the fascination wld fade.
probly it doesn’t


They say, women and machines don’t mix. i don’t know how true this is in my case, as the only thing I can’t do on my comp is to remove my monitor or mouse wire while my comp is still ON

I wonder if its the same with stationery. well, i was in office and i asked for white ink. i got this pen and i didn’t know wt quite to do with it. so i … well…i tried….

i pushed its top, i pressed the middle, i tried squeezing …nothing worked.

after 5 mins…and a few scratches on the paper later i went to the person who gave me the pen and told her that i don’t really know how to use it. AGM IT was standing there and took the pen from me and twisted the hell out of it and … Bingo!!!
it was some experience…
AGM teaching an Exec abt using white ink pen

not really embarrasing but something close to it.

well..i went back to me seat but it just didn’t work when i bent it.

i don’t understand or like this hi tech stationery.
i prefer the bottle with a brush. whats the use of this pen???