Full circle

Life normally comes a full circle in all aspects. A friend recently taught me the concept of Yin and Yang. Both will come in your life whether u like it or not and you just have to deal with it.

Last Sunday I got late for my handwriting class at dadar. I went running to the station and reached about 5 seconds before the virar train hit the platform. I climbed in and found a nice place to stand(Glad). As I crossed andheri I realised that I didn’t get a ticket. I completely forgot. I obviously couldn’t get down now to just get a ticket. I thought of coming clean in front of the TC if there is one. Left everything to destiny and revised my notes. No one caught me at dadar. So where is the full circle u ask…it is on my way back.

I was to meet a friend back home. I was in a slight rush but remembered to remove the ticket from dadar. I was about to climb down the platform when my friend called to tell me that he was still at charni road and we could go to meet a friend and then home. I said ok. While I waited for him outside dadar station the thought hit me.