Horn ok no please

Posted Today at 08:02 AM by sunayna
I was 200 ft away from my building, my balcony faces the road, i looked up, saw lights in my hall and decided to hurry as i was starving.

i crossed one side of the road and stopped as i saw 2 ricks coming. i looked up again and then with a sigh looked at the traffic.

i was about to cross and then i saw a big white merc coming in speed. i backed down one step. and as i did this the guy in the merc honked… bad timing… i had this sudden urge to cross.

Even though i wasn’t crossing, he honked.
I absolutely hate it when people honk. He slowed down and i gave him a very angry look. i don’t know if he saw me or not coz his glass was all rolled up which indicated the kind of closed up person he was by the way.

i know one thing for sure, if and when i learn driving, and if i am going at a speed slower than the driver behind me wants, and if the driver honks indicating that i should move faster, i am gonna go slower…oh ya…Surely slower than what i was.

no longer confoosed.

Posted 25-05-2008 at 06:53 PM by sunayna
Remember this post ?


one of my friends had commented that he would be very uncomfortable with the thought of someone eating his leftovers.
Since that day, I have been a little apprehensive of doing the same, but yesterday, at a friends place, i simply couldn’t finish my food. it was too khatta for me, i can have extremely sweet, extremely teekha food. can have spicy as well..but not khatta and kadva. i still had half my bowl and decided to wrap it up and give it to someone, i gave it to a old lady sitting on the steps of the bridge. I gave it to her without looking at her face coz the thought that she is eating something that i couldn’t finish made me a little uncomfortable and somehow, i had started to believe that beggars or poor people don’t like to eat leftovers. I just couldn’t make myself to look her in the eye while giving her the bag. and it happened too fast for me to actually make an attempt to look her in the eye.
I was with a friend of mine, after we took 2 steps, my friend asked me if I saw the female’s face. i thought that she must have made a face or … don’t know, but got a bad feeling about it. and i just shook my head in no for my friend. Then my friend told me that the old lady had smiled. Something inside me changed. a relief… fresh air… i don’t know how to describe it… but i felt good. it was as if the bag of guilt i carried for so long was lifted by that smile. i regret not seeing that smile but…i am happier now.