On turning 30.

I have been a rebel, pretty much all my life. I have heard my personal drummer and chosen to dance or not as per my liking. I have made compromises to maintain peace and out of respect but doing things before I turn 30 is one of the most idiotic things I have heard. It is just a number. Life doesn’t really change on becoming 30. In my mind, I know I am a kid and though I feel myself maturing, I think I am somewhere in my early teens. Though different people make me feel different in a certain way and I act a different age with different people I am not going to let a number define my life and I don’t think you should do that to yourself.

source – suddinsyam-weddingbirthday.blogspot.com

I know that there are a lot of people who are turning 30 this year or the coming and there must be some who already have turned 30 and I just hope you think of it as something as it really is, just a silly number and live your life the way you actually were. I do hope you get a good birthday celebration though but please don’t let the number upset you… at all.

Birthday celebrated only for the kid???

It is strange how we celebrate birthday of the kid who was born and not of the other relations that were born because of him/her.

My mom became a mom after I was born. It isn’t funny, i know there are jokes on this but it is soo true. Even she shd be a part of the celebrations. Same goes for the father… Grand mom’s… Grand dad’s … You get the point. Ok forget the rest, mother should atleast be a part of the celebration. She is the one who carried the child for $#^$%^$ 9 months. Becoming a mom is such a task. I am seeing my bro handle 3 kids.. I don’t think everyone is or can be one.