Cars are us

I was crossing the road yesterday when a fast vehicle zoomed by me. Disgusted with such drivers I gave him my angry look and quite happily saw him come to an hault before turning right at a cross road to make way for incoming traffic. Just about then, I saw a car coming at a medium pace breezily and take the same right turn without having to stop even for a second. A thought struck me just then.

Source: Cars The movie

Cars are like our life. Their bodies are made of the same basic materials. Steel rubber plastic etc.
They come from different castes like Volkswagen, Maruti, honda…different sub castes as Alto, Zen, Swift… different parents as different manufacturing plants.

source: shuttershock

Cars meet fellow cars for a very short duration. They share some part of the eternal road together before parting ways.

In this, if someone is really in a hurry and going fast, like me they too judge. This reminds me a quote I had read by George Carlin –  “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”

Like we have same soul but different bodies the drivers too tend to change cars. The more materialistic the driver, the more cars he changes. 🙂

On throwing water

I was waiting for someone outside my building. Like most roads in mumbai, this too filled with potholes. Intelligently, I chose a spot where no water could be splashed. Waiting, seeing the splashes and everything, a thought hit me, Doesn’t this water spilling hit the car too?

Doesn’t this spoil the car too?

Why don’t we (including me) not realize that every negative thing we do for others comes back to us?


Ek Khwaish

I have been booking air and train tickets from mumbai to chennai to kolkata and return for around 20 people past 2 days. I have been glued to my phone and laptop and seat and trust me it is not an easy thing. Spicejet helped me book 7 tickets in all at 2013 and I am very very grateful to Him… In the process, I have troubled a lot of people though and but something very nice has come from all this and if it this thought becomes a reality then I will be a very very happy person as it will benefit everyone in the world and i will die peacefully knowing I did something for India.

Someone very great has told me that like how Indian government manages its air travel, same can be done for the railways. 

The tracks, the stations can be maintained by the government but the trains can get different operators. This will ensure better quality of everything, the service mainly but also the frequency, connectivity and quantity and maybe faster and better trains.

Frequency – duration in between trains

connectivity – connectivity is so poor in some parts of india.

quantity – so few trains between chennai to kolkata, maybe it could increase…. the number of trains could increase otherwise also

This is a very raw and probably a unstructured idea, am sure if it gets the right attention, great minds can make it a possibility soon hopefully. Please do this for your future self. Please do something for your future generations

Hazaaron khwaishen aisi hai dost, ki har khwaish pe dam nikle.. par ye wali puri kardo pls.

pls try to get this idea in print or tv or to someone who can do something about it and you too like me with die peacefully