Have you EVER?

Have you ever been so alone in the world when it was gently raining and heard the soft laugh of rain on your umbrella?

Have you ever been so alone with nature/God/Love/Universe …whatever u might want to call it…

Have you ever tried to move the umbrella and let the soft rain caress you?

Have you ever seen the shadow of the dancing trees in the yellow street light and felt it in tandem with the giggling rain?

Have you ever heard music that you have never knew existed?

Have you ever realized how content you are with life and realized that you are smiling

Have you ever seen a dog with one ear up and one ear down and let your smile turn into laughter as you pass him by?

Have you ever been so much in love with Love and Life?

Oh Rain, where art thou?

A few kids came home to chat yesterday. Amongst other things, One kid expressed her desire for it to rain. The other said, Oh yes, it sure looks like it will rain.

And I realized that everyone who is a kid at heart is waiting for it to rain everyday. Even the smallest cloud brings the biggest joy. We tell each other, we point at the cloud and exclaim – It will rain today. It is silly for the grumps. They will see the logged water, the wet clothes and whatever, Kids will see the magic.

Oh rain, pls come

Anything can happen!!!

I was walking down the road sometime back, it was heavily pouring and I saw the grass come out of every possible place in between the stones.
Wonderful na?
All there was for the grass to come – very little soil and lots and lots of water… ? yet somehow when it rained, there was grass everywhere.

Anything can happen!!!

Magical Rains

There is something magical about rains…don’t u think so?

I normally live in my balcony. My study table is located there…so all my studying, reading, paper quilling art, handwriting analysis…most of my day is spent there. My balcony has an extended roof, I think it is made of tin. We live near the main road and the traffic noise can be very annoying during the peak hours. During rains, it’s different. Traffic noise is drowned out due to the noise of the rain on the tin roof.

The pitter patter forms a melody of its own. It turns magical 🙂

It feels peaceful. It feels as if nothing else exists. It also becomes the best place for meditation…even if u r not doing it.

I love the rains 🙂