Questions don’t change

There are many people who boast of not having the tv box in their house.

Funny story- my husband received a call from a very aggressive salesman here in the US “do you have a tv connection”
Why not?
I don’t want it.
Oh. There must be some reason.
I really don’t want one.
The salesman cut the call without saying anything.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t watch movies. I sometimes spend my leisure time on FB or/and also on youtube watching the stuff that I miss on tv. Internet has many good things and bad things like everything else in life. Tv or Internet…I have realized that the question remains the same. What do we take from a given option. Personally, I am thankful to FB and internet. I am part of this wonderful project in movie thanks to Fb (Click here). Most of my writing has got published because of the options shown by FB. I wish everyone could see the wonderful opportunities that can be grabbed by this medium and avail of them rather than abuse them. I can’t imagine a life without FB, I wouldnt know how to promote Art with sunayna if it wasn’t for FB. So, for me, FB or anything on the internet is like a resource, it is upto me to use it. Pray that I do so. Thank you.

tv vs computer

The post feels incomplete but I don’t have much to add. Have a happy sunday 🙂 hope you utilize your time well.

Advertisements :)

I watched a download of a sitcom and realized that it is different from watching it on Tv. There are no advertisements. it feels great. it really does.

One more thing that i realized was that advertisement really effect our attention spans.

One more more thing, it tests your patience and memory, if u like something u sit through the advertisements and come back to what u were watching.