Perseverance leads to Change!

Plants or nature teaches us so much. Look at this flowering plant,20130419_090126

It was attacked by some ants and I had to cut it down to this. Observe this plant carefully. 20130605_101702Do u see a little but of purple on the side? I was as amazed as you. Though the plant was almost cut down, it bore a flower. What does it teach? Perseverance. Resilience. Persistence. Strength. All things that are necessary for change.

All this can help you grow, Even if it is slow, there is growth. Same goes with the reforms that is trying to do. I don’t know if I can add anything to the ideas that already exist about reforming India and putting a stop to Violence. But I know one thing, These ideas need to be implemented and kept implementing. Just never quit and keep it up. Good will keep coming and keep coming. Just give it time. Nature teaches us not to lose patience and hope. Just live!

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Do Actions always speak louder than words

Men don’t say the 3 magical words to women.NO? Whats your story?

I recently read a very beautiful poem about a father daughter relationship to my hubby. He said that it is ok. I asked – OK? Its beautiful. He said – What is the point of saying all these things and hitting her when alone or something on those lines.Would it make sense if men would hit wives in the morning and say nice things at night for …. Will it work? I said no. Actually, In my experience, I have seen men who are good with words, good at making people laugh but not really good with work, they say things that they don’t mean and are not really good with their commitments. They may say good things and the other magical words but not trustworthy. If I had to choose, I would obviously choose someone who is committed rather than the other kind. But the point still remains. My hubby says that what is the point of saying – Don’t my everyday actions tell u? Am sure most men have the same excuse.

So here it is ladies. Here is a fitting reply. Actions are ok but it feels nice to hear them sometimes. I can’t recall his reaction to this but he was no ways convinced to my side of story. So here is what I said. When was the last time u saw an action movie without any romance? Will anyone want to watch if there is one? No? u need something. NO?

Hangover ?

I have recently realized that … we can hang on to the feeling of anger or sadness even though we sometimes and quite funnily forget the cause behind it. Can it be same with love? We love somebody without remembering the reason why… Does loving someone need a reason to remember… or a reason at all?

Why do we want to stay with pain or whatever emotion even after we forget the reason… or sometimes don’t know the reason at all… Must be our EGO..though having a minimal ego is not a completely bad thing at all…Could there be another reason?

Sonewalon ko sone ka bahana chahiye

It is difficult for me to get up in the mornings…for various reasons… I try to placate myself by saying that it is the heat that saps the life out of you in summers… but a thought came to bother me. It is not easy for me to get up in the winters either. Kambal se nikalne ka mann nahi karta… And rains… the sonorous pitter patter puts you to sleep like a lullaby… 

So in which season is it easier for me to get up I wonder 😦