I forgot to pay :P

My friends(Especially older guys and seniors) tell me that I have a bad quality. I always want to pay or go Dutch. I have had some fantastic arguments and made some really close friends because of this habit.. Coming to the point… I was recently telling a friend of mine who is also my physiotherapist (remember my thumb) – I have not seen the movie “Half Ticket.” He is a big movie buff. I don’t remember what he said to this, we were actually talking about someone else at that time and went back to out topic of contention. I happened to mention it to him that it is not available in most stores now and I have searched it pretty much everywhere, even piratebay. He said that he has contacts and we went back to our very interesting topic.

Few minutes after hanging up, He called again “I found the movie.”

I was shocked. He said that he will bring it along. I was very pleased. Slightly annoyed at the aspect that I will have to argue about the payments again. At this point you should know that he has still not accepted the payment for the bandage or let alone his services. We still argue about it and I keep telling him that my hand is not completely cured because he hasn’t accepted the payment.

By today morning, I completely forgot about the CD. We were very busy with individual work, so we briefly met for a minute, I was about to tell him goodbye and he said “Wait, I have half Ticket” and he got it for me. His face was glowing when he handed me the CD. There was something special about the light in his eyes.  He was soooo happy to give it to me. Happier than I was to receive it, I guess. In all this, I forgot to argue about payment or the CD. I just accepted, smiled, and … went my way out.

Learned one thing, Some people truly give from their heart. They are really so happy to give something to you that every part of their being expresses happiness and love. The gift is filled with so much love that all silly ideas like giving money or saying a verbal thank you seems so useless.

I am very very thankful for such people in my Life. Thank YOU.


I don’t know why but while i recently had a conversation about friends with someone, i realized that i couldn’t define the term. What is a friend. is there really a friend or friendship, its more of barter than friendship. Do u really call people now a days just to chat? i don’t remember when i stopped doing so. i rememeber there was a time when i would get scolded for talking to my FRIENDS. now there is no one to scold me but i don’t call a lot of people “just because”.

I have a few people who are there. Just there. We don’t meet and hug and say hi, we just continue from wherever..I think they are my friends.

i recently had a very close friend of mine over.  i was busy working on my site at home. i didn’t even go to greet him in the living room. I told mom to send him in. This is at 2200 in the night, he came over to give his thoughts on the site right after work. he sat and we started talking, catching up … i was so busy with the site that i forgot to give him the birthday card i made for him on his birthday in October. i am sure he doesn’t mind. he knows i will give it to him when we meet again.

Another example is of a friend who doesn’t call much after his marriage but when i needed help with this site, he called me all the way from delhi and drilled things in my head for almost 2 hrs.Showed me the mirror i was scared to see and now is back to his work but i know i will get the call when i really need it.

One of my other friends and i were talking about our spiritual life. She told me to pray for her and then she realized how silly it was and we both laughed coz we both know that we pray for each other.

One of the most striking things i find with these people is, is the ability to continue from wherever we left off. we don’t discuss politics, or crib about our lives, we don’t gossip, we meet, we celebrate our meet, we give each other the right push whenever needed, we connect and we go on. we don’t write subjects when we send mails 😛

There are so many people like this that i don’t know where to start and how to thank, am sure they don’t expect a thanks, they mean well..they are angels sent for me, they are my friends. 🙂