What will I do with the mouse?

My cousin has a mouse in her house. Her mom works in nagpur and the kid stays alone with her bro. She is pretty scared and asked us all elders for help. Since she stays pretty near to my mom’s house and as most of you Will know, I have had my share of trouble with mice, I asked her to collect the trap from my house.


Later, I realized that catching the mouse is the easy part. What will the dear little girl do with it? I know my mom had the guts to throw it in the bin near the railway line. This kid might get weak knees looking at the mouse.

Same is our situation na? We keep asking Him to show us the right path or tell us the right thing to do but are we always prepared for the answers?  Are we ready to walk on the right path shown? Are we….

Worm kahaan se aaya?

Another question from my husband.

Accidentally we didn’t eat an apple for a long time and when we cut it, there were small white worms in it.

We have been taught that “Ann ka ek bhi daan waste nai hone chaiye”

With mournful faces we threw the apple in the bin but this question stayed with us. Where did the worm come from?

Apple is completely closed na?

Was it inside the apple from start??

Did the bacteria and Virus in the air find a host and enlarge or something?

Did God see an unused fertile ground and sent a soul and it just … like earth … just start existing?

Any ideas?

As much as you need

Have you read “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” by Leo Tolstoy? It talks about a man who was given the opportunity to acquire as much land as he could and he ended up with only 6 feet of land enough for his body. This story got me thinking about my greed and put a few desires of mine on a temporary rest.

Kabir and many many other great wise men say the same thing, that in the end, all you need is a white sheet, 4 people and not even 6 ft of land if you are a hindu. They try to teach us that this life is temporary and only a learning ground. My husband and I were listening to “Ud ja hans akela” and this question kept bothering me. I asked him – I understand that when I die I will not need this cupboard full of clothes, my 7 – 8 pair of shoes and…. But I am alive now. so why can’t I use it? I am not dead yet. I am living. Why can’t I live with good clothes.. etc

He has tried to explain the concept need and greed. That man in tolstoy’s story could have taken what he needed and saved his life. We too can take what we need but we should not get attached to anything. It makes sense.

Think about it!!! Please share your views.