How to be productive and efficient

I have found the best way to be producitve and efficient in life. If you do this, you might learn to get organized and prioritize your life. Maybe some of you might have already learnt this… I have recently learned this and thought of sharing it with all of you. It is strange, I thought 5 years of management studies would have taught me this and it did to an extent but what and how I have learnt …

Having said all this, most of you know that I love cleaning. My mom had come to help me with my baby and has now gone back. My only goal is to keep myself and my kid alive. Very very basic hygienic cleaning is on my agenda but … The house was a mess for almost 3 days and a part of me really really wanted to clean it but …. anyway, my kid slept for an hour in the morning and while my hubby was still in the house, I took full advantage of the wonderful opportunity and cleaned. Only those who like cleaning can understand the joy I could have felt for finally being able to clean the house. I was finally able to do something about the itch.

So anyway, I cleaned whatever I had to clean… it would normally take me a few hours to do what I did in barely one. It is also because normally I love to clean and take extra time to enjoy it but other than that, I knew that my kid could get up anytime and my hubby had to leave for earning our bread and butter…. and this is when I learnt about productivity and efficiency. If you want to be productive in life, take responsibility of a baby. 🙂

It might be amusing but one of the reasons we aren’t efficient about our work is probably because we think we have time. When you realize that you don’t, you become the most efficient person you know. Think about it.


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Increase Productivity and Efficiency with Time Management

The pain with gift giving

This is going to be a touchy topic but I have to rant.

When I was young, I loved receiving gifts. I am the eldest girl on my mom’s side and have been pampered a lot and actually still do. It is only after growing up have I realized that I should be returning them as well. 🙂  635848581812298477-889710148_giftAnd that is when the troubles have started.

I like to believe that I am a simple but peculiar person. I have certain brands that I am loyal to and don’t like many other things. Also, I am usually happy with any size gift as long as I know that the person thought about me but I see that I am always given soooo much that I find it so much troublesome to return. I think I am soon going to be buried in the ground with debts and only god knows how many lives will I have to take to return all these.

It isn’t in me to spend huge sums of money even if I have it and I would like to buy something that the person might like (If I can figure it) This is one of the troubles.

Since pregnancy, I feel that it is more important to be thought of than get gifts. A few of my cousins and friends called and still call me almost every week and ask about my health and would listen to me rant. Friends came to the hospital with food because they thought I might not like the American food. One cousin told me to call her if I feel overwhelmed after mom leaves. Just this one statement has brought soo much peace.There are sooo many other such examples that getting something material seems soo unuseful.

Maybe receiving and giving is an art that I am unaware of. Or maybe it is my ego? I wonder which doesn’t like to be humble enough to receive gifts. When I am in mood for self bashing, it is what I think is the main reason. I can just accept whatever I get and return it, the pain is that I will have to shop for others and maybe I am not a very giving person nor sensitive enough to know what others may like. Maybe I am just ungrateful. 😦

Just trying to figure things out for myself. What is your experience? Any tips..