Are you happy?

There are some days in life which are just aagh. You don’t know what is happening and no clue of the future. My hubby and I are facing this. A cranky and teething baby adds spice to the mixture. 😦 To get my mind off of things, I switched on my computer and went on YouTube. On my recommended list was a episode from Upanishad Ganga called “happy man’s shirt” it definitely gave me hope of finding some answer.

If you don’t want any spoilers, please watch the episode here.


Anyway, I thought about it and I get it to an extent – the recipe to happiness includes nothing from desires or expectations or possessions or achievement. It only needs surrendering to divine will and complete faith in divine providence. I am not even going to tell you that it is easily said than done because I am sure you already know it.

For a minute, my mind totally agrees to it and sort of wants to follow it too. I try to be happy. My mind searches for what happiness feels like. It gets it but feels weird to be that. Heart rejects this facade. Heart feels that happiness is more like being content and at peace with the now. Now? Wow? And all the time? Doesn’t seem doable but am sure it is. Mind wants to control. How do I accept the situation and that too cheerfully? Maybe I lack faith.

What about you? Are you happy?

Is there something that you are waiting for to be happy? It seems so silly na when you read it but am sure we are all doing it. I know I am. Am I thinking too much?

Something to think about.

keep thinking

keep smiling

What is dangling before you?

I have wanted to write this post for over a month now. Talk about being as busy as a bee, it should be as busy as a mobile boy’s mom.

Anyway, since a few months now, my baby has been very active. Diaper changing is difficult. He squirms and shows me all the ninja moves he is capable of. The solution – dangle a toy in front of him. He goes for it. He wants it and he gets distracted and plays with it while I can swiftly change the diaper.

At first, I found it very useful, then I found it funny and now I feel slightly enlightened. Here’s why – The kid who had no interest in or knowledge of the toy before this, wants the toy now. It explains how fragile and immature the human mind is. It wants anything that will dangle in front of it. Is it true for your life?

I found this to be true in my personal life. As you might have known, Whatsapp needs an update. Everytime this happens, my phone gets a nice cleaning. I am a part of few groups here and there and get a few videos. I don’t get to watch them daily but when I need space, I take time to watch them. Some of them are really inspirational and worth watching and some of them are nice and funny. Some are worth ignoring but I do watch them a little before deleting. The point is, my life was just as good without watching them. Isn’t the same logic of danglers applicable here too.

Funny image of businessman chased with carrot

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Also, one more thought about visiting new places.(I hope my hubby doesn’t read this though as he is the least enthu person about visiting new places) Now, as we have seen a little bit here and there, I feel like having more experiences or learning new things than visiting parks or most of the tourist attractions. Most tourist attractions have nothing to see. So just because something is a tourist attraction … is also a dangler. We don’t need to go there because the rest of the world is going. Makes my life simpler.

Think about it. Whatever you want in life – Is it really something that you want or is it just dangling in front of you and makes you want to have it?

I am a little enlightened but still have a very very long way to go. My son has come to teach me and I am glad I have time to sit and learn.

Keep smiling

Keep learning

Keep sharing