Strange… but possible

My hubby was driving at around 75 mph and realized that the steering wheel was shivering a little. After we reached the place, a friend happened to ask us how the car is and my husband mentioned the steering wheel. The friend informed that this is normal for cars that have been in an accident. My husband knew about the accident and added it to his list of things to tell the mechanic.

What surprised me is that the car remembers too. I understand that this could be a mechanical twitch that could be corrected but I think that the car is scared and knows that it could be dangerous over a certain speed and hence shivers. Strange… but possible, NO?

The dark side of the moon

Just something I heard and I don’t know if you are aware of it. I found it super interesting and it has sown a seed into my mind somewhere. I don’t know what will come out and when but here is the fact.



Science says that there is a part of the moon that is never visible to earth. When the earth is rotating and the moon is rotating and revolving, there is a part of the moon that is not visible to the earth because of synchronisation. Wiki will give you better details than I just did but isn’t it amazing? I didn’t know this and had never thought about it.

Does this start some creative process in you? What could be there? Who would you send there 😛

Comparing size of plate and heart.

I had an opportunity for buffet dinner at JW Marriott some years ago, I took 3 rounds for the desert section and must have tried everything possible. The plate was small and my so was my level of embarrassment.

Recently I ate at rajdhani, oh god! I couldn’t finish the first helping as well. The size of thali was easily thrice the size of plate at jw. Anyway, the food was awesome at both places but this got me thinking about the culture difference. I am proud of the fact that Indian’s believe in atitihi devo bhava. Ekdum dil se.

Laziness is the mother of all invention

Necessity is not always the sole reason for doing things in a simpler way. According to this mail I read, it said “Laziness is the mother of all invention” I will have to say, that I quite agree with the statement. It is my laziness that I keep a scale behind my chair so I don’t have to get up from my study table when I want to switch on the light or fan. There is no necessity here, just plain old laziness.

I am sure we don’t really need – need a washing machine. Clothes that are hand washed, turn out cleaner and better than machine washed. In earlier times, people would stay fit my doing house hold work. Now days, people use all modern gadgets that work on press of a few buttons here and there and then they go to the gym to stay fit… or at least have memberships to gyms they think of going to.