How did India win yesterday’s match?

I had a 4 pm meeting yesterday which I said yes for without realizing the india-pak match. I had to go, so when I was sitting in the train, a middle aged lady in burkha asked me what the score was. I told her that sachin is reaching 50, she said ” allah, kaash ye 100 banaye”. I was stunned. I was told by my sister that the area around her college is a place where you shouldn’t be watching an indo-pak match. Now, I had this lady telling allah to let sachin make an 100. I was lost in my thoughts and didn’t really hear, but she was saying something about nehra and I came back to her. She told her friend that “India jeete toh mazza aajaye” I honestly don’t know what to type. I am still in awe of her spirit and … don’t have the words yet.

I knew that India would win the match. I know that just because some people created a divide, the mass knows who is right, what is safe and where they belong.

India had to win, allah was also on our side ne?

Recommendation is the best form of appreciation

I normally feel slightly disappointed when I don’t get testimonials on my site. Even after a great session of an analysis, most people don’t write anything. But the best part is that these people go ahead and tell their loved ones about my services. It shows that they were benefited and it did change their life in some way to make them go tell other people.

I feel like i have really helped a person to understand himself better and made him so happy that he or she wanted to share it with their loved ones.I am starting to believe that recommendation is the best form of appreciation.

How is the mirror responsible?

When i look at the mirror early morning while brushing my teeth, i think i look my best. My skin feels fresh and i am ready to face the day.

When i look in the mirror at night while i brush my teeth, i feel tired, my skin doesn’t look fresh and my eyes tell me that they need to sleep. . I caught myself telling the mirror, can’t you show me my morning self at night also.

The mirror only reflects. we judge

Blind Faith

Isn’t it strange?ย  We put our blind faith in the train driver and not in god. When we sit in the train, we just don’t give a single thought to who the driver is. is he drunk. did he have an argument with his wife? Is he capable of driving the train successfully? we don’t think about it. We never question when he slows down the speed or when he zooms in full speed. We never question when he stops at a signal or stops at a station forย  more time than the mandatory.

We just trust him. we look out of the window. we know our destination but we don’t know what the road is ahead. we don’t understand when the train has changed tracks and for what purpose. we see it only when it has happened. we can only see the current, a little bit of the near future if you are the window and a little bit of past. we trust him to take us to our destination and we enjoy the view.

Why do we question GOD then? Is it not the same?

Joy and low

An example of how joy and low are part of the same coin, bring out your mobile phone and switch on the dictionary feature if not on. Then, try typing the word “low”. In case you want to make it joy, all you have to do is click a button. When joy comes, low can’t exist.

Accept both…
Live with both…

A joy for mumbaikars

There is a joy that is known only to mumbaikars. It is the joy of getting in the train at the nth minute when you thought you would miss it.

I was seated and a girl came running from the stairs, got in the train and then sat beside me. After 10 seconds, she asked me if this was the fast train, i said yes. She was delighted. She almost giggled. It was as if she found some lost treasure. I almost giggled looking at her. Catching your train can make the mumbaikar’s day

Medicines from hong kong

Everyone has some fascination from the western countries. I have it in forms of dark chocolate. My dad has fascination for perfumes. My sis has it for clothes.

I was slightly unwell recently.. My mausi was home to see me. She brought me medicines. I told her that i needed rest and will be fine if i sleep. She said that these medicines were from hong kong.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or look surprised. I managed to do both.
Later, when she left, the words kept coming back “They are from Hong kong” Then i realized what my mom and mausi’s fascination from the west is ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

My Doctor’s handwriting

I was chatting with my doc when he told me to analyze his signature. When I saw that he suffered from back-ache, my initial bias told me not to tell him. But there were a lot of other things that got clubbed together and the backache was prominent. i chose my words carefully and told him that “i know u r a doc and might have treated it by now, but u suffer from back ache”

He replied “Yes, doctors also die u know”

To which i justified “ya, but i thought u must have treated it by now”

He explained and we went to the next topic

Anyway, i realized how prejudiced we can be. We assume that our docs are close to God and they know better than us. For some reason don’t we all assume that nothing bad can happen to them. ๐Ÿ˜›


Clothes maketh the man

It is not true now a days though. With big bazaar and other discount shops offering party clothes at such cheap prices, I feel everyday is a party. Some people are dressed in such good looking party-wear, that you wonder if they are really off to work
This is probably my prejudice talking. One can wear whatever they want, and it is a sign of prosperity for india.


Mother nature is very intelligent. She gives us signs and tells us to be aware, everything you want to learn, can be learnt from her.ย  Same creeper that has one branch growing with pretty new leaves has the other end dying yellow leaves..

Explains a lot about life ne?