Learnings from some gravel

This post is dedicated to Rani, my neighbour who is responsible for this new spirit of gardening!

My hubby finally got me some soil for my plants after a small wait. Unfortunately he got it wrong. What he got was more gravel, less soil. Since I had to plant, I used it and kept it on the farthest side in the window possible to forget about things.

I had sort of given up on gardening as I didn’t have anyone to look at the plants when I was gone. We shifted a month back and with His grace, I found some really nice neighbours and my spirit of gardening is back.

I was planting something for my kitchen window and thought of reading up on the ideal potting mix and from what I have learned, a little bit of gravel with brick at the base is best for the plant for scientific and gardening reasons. Though I used brick, gravel seems so easy to use.

So, here are my learnings from Gravel

  • Have patience
  • All things work out in the end
  • Things that look wrong could help u someday.
  • Some man’s meat is some man’s poison
  • All things really will work out in the end.
  • My husband is the best. 🙂

Keep smiling and have a wonderful wonderful wonderful new year.

oh pls, never give up

this is the height. the universe just doesn’t seem to stop amazing.

i had sown a tomato in the soil. i think i posted pics for it too. but it never bore a fruit. To be very honest, all of us had given up hope, my mom used to tell me that give it time, it will grow when i would check it every day to see how it was doing but she secretly knew that it wasn’t gonna bear a tomato.

anyway, i asked a few people who knew about gardening and they told me that it should be replanted for it to grow. mine was almost 2ft tall, it meant death if i replanted so i just let it grow as a show plant and thought that if i see a very interesting plant, i will uproot this one and try replanting it.

guess what? oh am sure u already know it by now, it finally bore a tomato. i am so amazed. guys, never ever ever give up. ok. learn from mother nature.

keep smiling. 🙂

Perfect time to start a garden

hey guys, this is a perfect time to start setting up a garden if you are planning on one…

plant all the plants u like till june, let them catch roots by the time rains come and they will grow the best during the rains.

use this weekend well..i have already started..got lovely kashmiri roses…they don’t have thorns and are a godsend to my household as my mom is against me keeping any plant with thorns. 🙂

Don’t give up. Ever!!!

One more lesson from gardening.

These are new leafies from my curry pata plant. I bought it on my last birthday. It lasted for about 6-7 months and we thought that it is done growing and decided to let it dry before uprooting it and planting something new. Other things took priority and I sort of pushed the idea of getting a new plant for later.

Guess what. I was wrong. I was so so dead wrong. The Curry pata plant was not dead. It sort of took a break and mustered its energy while I was ignoring it. It got sprouts..small green ones. I have never been happier to learn I was wrong. : )

They look so lovely. so green.  Not just this, they are growing quicker than I can explain what curry pata means to someone who doesn’t know what they are. 😛

Growing up a tomato

my attempt at growing tomato in my balcony.

the wait is killing me though. every weekend i ask it to give me a tomato. it is like how my mom is waiting for me to get married 😛

But the joy of seeing it grow is amazing. u should really try it. it is the easiest to grow i guess… we just took a little bit of the middle portion of a ripe tomato with seeds and planted it in soil. The plant just shot right up. This is better than farmville


A quick lesson on patience :)

They say patience is a virtue and all good things come to those who wait. 🙂 Hope its true 😛

There are a lot of things that mother nature teaches … Change is one of the most important ones. Things will change. She promises that…but not at the speed u would want.

Look at these new leaves of my rose bush that will turn into roses by july… no matter how much i want them to become roses now…its not going to happen. Whether i like it or not, I’ll have to wait…be patient for them to grow.

So, somethings should really be left to mother nature. I am sure she knows the best time, like for instance, these should probably turn into roses by my birthday. Mother nature knows best 🙂

The survivor

The money plant (Creepers or bel) is such a fantastic plant to plant in the house. It is extremely flexible and grows in whichever situation possible. It is a no fuss plant. U water it once a day and it is good. In case u forget to water it for 2 days in a row… it will still survive. What I love best about this plant is the shiny green colour of the leaves. I wash the leaves about once a week and I love it when the 3’o clock sun reaches it. It looks lovely. I think I have a pic in my gardening folder in picasa. I planted one at the main entrance of the door and have used a thread and tied it to the top of the door. I can’t wait for it to grow. 🙂

Put it in the sun or put it indoor’s…it still survives

Put it in water or put it in soil … it still survives

It is truly a very noble plant. For those who have been asking me about gardening but crib that they don’t have the time to take extra care, get a money plant… it is a no demand and no complaints sort of a plant. One could learn from it and be liked by all. : )

Gardening – Part 2

Here are some snaps from my window…

Lots more on my Picasa Album

here is the link



I love gardening. I absolutely enjoy it. I don’t know how I didn’t do it earlier, probably my parent’s weren’t comfortable or they simply assumed how I would get bored of it.

Now, from the past 2 months I have been very regular with the watering (not just 2, but 3 times), fertilizing, and cleaning the leaves. My excitement about the plants has caught them too. When my shoe flower plant was infested with ants, my dad got me roses without me telling him anything. I was surprised. Now I have white and pink sadaphuli, small red roses, white – pink rose, wild red flowers, tulsi, aloe and one yellow flower plant that I got today after some heavy bargaining. I am so enjoying the whole thing. Try it out, u might like it too. I am going crazy over the rose’s daily growth. I daily click snaps of it, which I will upload soon.

Any tips? Any experiences to share?