The click click of the clock.

When was the last time u heard the click click of the clock?

I am sure it was the time when there was no electricity. Actually not just no electricity but no electricity for more than half an hour. Because as per the Denial-Anger-Acceptance-Bargaining stages to pass, it takes one about atleast half an hour to pass before you keep quiet.

Think about it.

Chaotic mumbai

I was chatting with my bro who has come to on a vacation in mumbai after about almost 10 yrs. He said that mumbai has changed in so many ways. There is no electricity problem anymore…as a matter of fact people are using it even when they don’t need it.

I asked him what hasn’t changed about mumbai. Traffic and the population was his reply within a second.

Life in Mumbai is sooo chaotic… its fast…for no apparent reason I think at times. I realized this when I was speaking to his kids. They speak sooooooo slowly. They speak in a sing song tone. It is lovely to just hear them talk.

Wonder if I will get a chance to stay somewhere near but outside Mumbai.

Stages …

wish you a very happy new year, i realized today that i have not written in about a month now. probably i simply lost track of time. things change. i used to be so enthu about owning a blog…i wanted the whole world to read it…then came a stage when a lot of people did read it and i thought wow. i tried to be a writer, i contacted jam mag and few other mags…sadly nothing has worked out yet. slowly my interest in writing faded or maybe i got other priorities. now, though i get a few thoughts to write about, i note them down and when i think about writing them down, i mostly forget what is it that made me want to share.