phone has mind body nd soul

I spent some time without internet on my phone today. I realized that internet is the soul of a smartphone. Without internet the phone is of very little use.

My phone has become a very helpful friend to me. As a new wife who doesn’t know to cook, it helps me find recipes.
It helps me stay in touch with my family. I can email pics of my garden, my cooking, my celebrations in an instant. It is wonderful to have a smartphone and even better to have internet on it.

Ps – just in case you are wondering about the phone’s mind… it is the beautiful operating system.

Y is life a mystery?

Disclaimer – this post is only for people who believe that some parts of life are destined and cannot be changed!

Have you ever wondered y is life not known to us. Sometimes for some people a part is revealed to help them and for many people a deja vu comes to make them realize that this is how it was supposed to happen or for whatever reasons. But for many it remains a mystery. Y Y Y?

The answer that has come to me is the following. I may be wrong, so let me know if you have other views. The reason why we don’t know our future is because if we did, life would be very very very boring.

I am telling you this from my personal experience. Not that I have any psychic powers but I am watching Ramayana now. It is shorter than Mahabharata. As some of you may be knowing that I had not watched either as a child and am hence watching them now. Coming to the point. I sometimes feel slightly bored while watching Ramayana but never felt much boredom during Mahabharata. Only during the fighting scenes actually. Ramayana is not actually boring… it is just that the story is simple and something that we already know. Though we might not know all parts, we know he story mostly and probably find it boring as we keep looking forward to the next twist.

If we knew the same about life,  Livong would be very very boring. Think about it.

Kyu behti hai pawan?

l was sitting with my husband having dinner and enjoying the lovely breeze when the door closed with a thud.

This got him thinking. He asked me if I have ever wondered on this phenomenon. Why does the breeze close the door and block its own way?

This has happened few days ago so I can’t recall the exact conversation but I remember correctly that I told him that maybe the wind wants its presence felt. He said but it is blocking its own way. So what is the idea behind this?

Any ideas?

Honest shopkeeper – 1

This post has been on my mind since January. I didn’t know what to call it and somehow kept postponing writing it. This incident has happened when I was shopping for sarees before my marriage. The last Saree I was buying at almost 8 in the night. The only color left was dark green. My Mausi wanted me to buy a paithani Saree and somehow it all came together nicely at a shop called “divya sarees” at Saree market. This shop is in the lane from dadar station to Gandhi market. It is near bharatkshetra. 

Now, the reason for writing this post. The shopkeeper at divya sarees is the most honest shopkeeper I have ever seen. I selected the Saree, checked it nicely and was about to make payment when the shopkeeper told me that there was some mark on the blouse piece Shd if I liked then he would replace my Saree in a weeks time or he had other such sarees but with slight different patterns. Or I could try other shops. It was very much possible that the same pattern was available without any defect. I was so touched by his honesty that I immediately said yes for a different pattern. Only a woman can understand the annoyance she feels on trying to find a Saree again after liking one finally. Hope you can imagine how m7ch his honesty touched me. When I went to collect my sari after they had roll pressed it, I asked if he was related to the owner. He said no. I was amazed at his honesty evermore as I wondered if he didn’t fear losing his job. He said sab chalta hai. It was better than spoiling my heart for him just because of a mark on the blouse

I would humbly request all you lovely people to buy sarees from this shop if possible.

What if…

I had a funny thought while watering my plants yesterday. What if the flowers we love so much were actually the plant’s pimples. What if the plant didn’t like the flowers and thought of it as the pimples.

What if?

What if the things we like in others are actually things that they want to get rid of? What if we never realize that no matter how imperfect we think we are… Somebody might just adore us.

Give it away

I cleant my fridge today. I realized that there is no point in storing some veggie for someone unless it will be consumed the next day for sure. It is better to give it to your maid or to the birds etc. Even though your intentions may be nice, it is better to live each day and dispose things when they are fresh rather than storing it for some day and realizing that your cold fridge doesn’t really keep things as fresh as you had bought it.

Learnt important lessons… Life should be like river. Ever fresh. Ever flowing. Ever giving.