Each snippet is a story.

Long long ago, when I was in college, i had written a post saying that if u look at a passing train, each window tells a story. 

Recently, on a crowded street. I was waiting for my mum, when i realized that each person passing me is a story in itself. Each person talking to another says something, that if connected with the other person’s snippet, becomes a story… sometimes a very amusing story.\

Someone great once said – “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” 

Me thinks – How true!!!!

There is some good in everybody

For those of you who can spare a minute, do think why this lock is kept upside down.







We have 2 gates in our building.  One gate is open all the time and the other is open only in morning and evening. The watchman locks the gate ulta so that people from far understand that it is locked and go towards the other gate instead of walking all the way to the gate.

This watchman is a very annoying person.  His answer to anything is always no and he never does anything we ask him to do… but he does this for us. he ensure that we don’t have to walk near the gate to check if it is locked.

there is some good in everybody, no?

This is why!!!

This week before diwali has been the most exhausting week of my life. I came from a trip from north on 3rd november and started with sale on 5th nov right till 9th nov. not just sale, we came back home, and sat to paint diyas so we would have enough stock for the next day. I know the kids have really slogged. At least I didn’t have school. kids had to juggle that too. I had no time to talk properly with my loved ones.

All my well wishers ask me “Don’t over do it, jitna hota hai, utna hi karo” Please take care of health also…and blahblah..

one person I know who has the most sensitive and compassionate heart I have ever seen, asked me why do i go through this trouble. I wish for him and for everyone else who cares for me to see this pic.
This is neelam. She accompanied me to the sale in reliance at andheri. The sale was the most boring sales of all. We decided to make some paper bags to ensure that we are not completely at a loss. In between of making bags when there were customers, I saw Neelam reading the newspaper. I was so amazed that it took my breath away.

This kid has so much interest in learning that I never realised it while teaching her. What is even fascinating is that she did it only when I was talking to the customer. As I got back to sticking the paper, she got back to folding.  I asked her if she would like to continue reading but she said that she wanted to finish the task at hand. I am still amazed…amazed at her balance, her wish to learn, her energy, its just wow. this is why I am ready to bear all the little troubles that I might have to go through to make things better for these angels.

they really really deserve it!