Acceptance can be fun

I am still learning but I have realized that acceptance leads to peace and not just peace, with time, as my faith and surrender in the divine increases (thanks to Heartfulness meditation), I see the acceptance can be fun. Once you accept the situation and realize that there are not many things that you could possibly do but He could, it is relieving to turn over the situation to Him and tell Him that you got me here and now you help me out. It is really fun to see how situation can work out once you detach yourself and patiently wait and watch. I hope you can do it and please pray that I too can do it in situations big and small.

A is the first letter of the alphabet and the start of many many good things. Acceptance is the first thing to be done in many situations.

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I finally understand!

I was thinking of the film “Don” “Gunday” “Ek Villian” “Godfather” “Maleficent” or for that matter “Once upon a time in Mumbai” and the other films which tell us about the other side. The side of the gangsters and how they got into it the business. It is always a sad story or a story that somehow and in some way makes you accept them.

Not just that, we actually sympathized for them when they lost their loved one or when they were being chased by the police or when they themselves died. What does this tell you? I realised that the minute you know someone’s story from their side, you do understand them, their reasoning and feel sympathy for them.The proverbial walking in their shoes surely works.

This helps me understand 2 things.

  1. Accept everyone for everything. Have trust, they truly must have a reason. (I personally need to work on this a lot. 😦 but now I understand and keep me in your prayers and I think I will.)
  2. and if there is communication amongst people, then probably relations would be better. More than that, if there is love, I guess everything is solved if there is love but Communication is what I think could help in understanding the other person.

I know a close someone is feeling hatred and a lot of negativity for the other family members. I feel sad. I feel worried. Sometimes I think that we really live in the best of times but when I think too deeply, I really feel scared for my future and of my coming generations.

Anyway, something to think over the weekend. I hope this helps you understand a little better.

PS- I am sure there are many books and films that must have the bad guy as the central character, these are the latest that came to my mind. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and keep smiling 😀

How will be the next ravan?

Hi Dear Reader,

Though I am blogging after a long time, I have been writing stories and poems and submitting it to various anthologies and magazines. Thankfully and luckily enough, the time has not been a complete waste, as few have been published, you can check them out here.

In my free time, I am also watching epics. I have just finished Ramayana and now in process of watching Mahabharata. I find that most movie twists are copied from these epics.

Coming to the reason that compelled me to blog, When I compare ravan  of Ramayana to the vilians of Mahabharata. ..I find it hard to find just one villain. Each villain, may it be shakuni, or duryodhan or so many..each is 10 times more viscous and cunning than ravan.

Having said this, and considering the cycle of yugs, it gives me shivers to think about the next villian. How evil will that person be? When I was thinking about this, I wondered if 1 person will be able to contain so much evil. I am afraid not. I think the next evil will be and already is spreading in all of us. Can you imagine the consequences? can you feel it too? Do you know what will need to be done to remove the evil?

Not a love story

Heer ranjha, laila majnu, soni mahiwal … all great love stories, or are they really? How can it be love if they didn’t marry.  Marriage to me is the true test of love. Maybe there was great attraction and the idea of how love and marriage will be that made them long for each other and also sacrifice.

Marriage makes you truly realize if you truly love or not. Love is not waiting for him to call, love is calling and ensuring that all is well with his ot her families.

Love is not just day dreaming about the person and imagining that he or she will not create the same issues that your parents create but praying for his or her welfare.

Love is not buying special gifts, though one or two occasionally don’t hurt, love is remembering to bring onion home without your wife reminding you.

Love is not whispering sweet nothings to your spouse but appreciating and knowing when not to speak.

The great lovers of all time didn’t just sit in the comfort of their house and yearn, they got married and grew together….they fought but came back at night, maybe for some more fighting but whatever be the circumstances stayed together.  However, wherever with what so ever

Apne log

I was standing in queue for the bathroom in the theatre. The queue I was in was moving ok. The queue next to me seemed fast. The line next to that was not movong at all. the lady whose turn was to come had become very anxious. Her friend in the fast queue had reached the door from third position whereas she was stuck outside the door. The anxious lady did everything she could to control her anger and bang the door. She also mentioned that this was the major problem of coming in groups through which I understood the reason behind the sudden crowd on a weekday in a faraway theatre.Finally she heard the sound she was waiting for. Once she realized who was on the other end of the door, she said ‘apne hi log hai’ and then asked her friend who had come out ‘sab theek hai na’ with so much love that it was hard for me to believe that this was the same anxious woman from before. 

What changed her?
Was it fear of getting angry in front of her friend?
Was it sisteehood?
Was it really love?
If so, where was it when she didn’t know who was on the other side?
Y is our love or understanding or tolerance limited to the people we know?

Do Actions always speak louder than words

Men don’t say the 3 magical words to women.NO? Whats your story?

I recently read a very beautiful poem about a father daughter relationship to my hubby. He said that it is ok. I asked – OK? Its beautiful. He said – What is the point of saying all these things and hitting her when alone or something on those lines.Would it make sense if men would hit wives in the morning and say nice things at night for …. Will it work? I said no. Actually, In my experience, I have seen men who are good with words, good at making people laugh but not really good with work, they say things that they don’t mean and are not really good with their commitments. They may say good things and the other magical words but not trustworthy. If I had to choose, I would obviously choose someone who is committed rather than the other kind. But the point still remains. My hubby says that what is the point of saying – Don’t my everyday actions tell u? Am sure most men have the same excuse.

So here it is ladies. Here is a fitting reply. Actions are ok but it feels nice to hear them sometimes. I can’t recall his reaction to this but he was no ways convinced to my side of story. So here is what I said. When was the last time u saw an action movie without any romance? Will anyone want to watch if there is one? No? u need something. NO?

Hangover ?

I have recently realized that … we can hang on to the feeling of anger or sadness even though we sometimes and quite funnily forget the cause behind it. Can it be same with love? We love somebody without remembering the reason why… Does loving someone need a reason to remember… or a reason at all?

Why do we want to stay with pain or whatever emotion even after we forget the reason… or sometimes don’t know the reason at all… Must be our EGO..though having a minimal ego is not a completely bad thing at all…Could there be another reason?